WinForms Sunburst Control - A Circular TreeMap (v18.2)

11 October 2018

Our upcoming release will include a new WinForms component – one we are calling the Sunburst Control for WinForms. It was designed to help you represent hierarchical data in a compact and visually appealing manner. The DevExpress Sunburst Control uses a circular layout to display different levels of the hierarchy, with the innermost circle representing the top level.

As you may already know, our TreeMap Control can be used in a similar fashion. Unlike the Sunburst, the DevExpress TreeMap uses rectangles to visualize values. This allows you to quickly compare data among individual hierarchies.


The Sunburst Control will offer you and your users a different perspective – it uses circular segments to visualize the same data set and show how outer hierarchy levels are related to those in the interior. The angle of each segment under its parent node is proportional to its value.

Sunburst Control

If you are already know the TreeMap’s data source initialization strategy, you will quickly set up the Sunburst Control as it uses similar adapters (SunburstHierarchicalDataAdapter, SunburstFlatDataAdapter) to visualize data from hierarchical data sets and flat data tables.

var dataAdapter = new SunburstHierarchicalDataAdapter();

dataAdapter.Mappings.Add(new TreeMapHierarchicalDataMapping() {
  LabelDataMember = "Category",
  Type = typeof(ReceiptsAndExpenditures),
  ValueDataMember = "Value",
  ChildrenDataMember = "SubCategories"

dataAdapter.DataSource = LoadDataFromXML();
sunburstControl1.DataAdapter = dataAdapter;

sunburstControl1.CenterLabel.TextPattern = "Total: {TV}";
sunburstControl1.Colorizer = new SunburstPaletteColorizer() {
  Palette = Palette.GreenYellowPalette,
  ColorizeGroups = true

The following is a brief summary of key features we’ll ship in this release:

  • Built-in coloring algorithms (colorizers) and advanced segment highlighting behavior


  • Tooltip support

If you feel that this new component will help you visualize hierarchical data in your application or if you have any technical question, feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback will help us fine tune our WinForms Sunburst Control so that it addresses the widest possible set of usage scenarios.

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Jonatas Hudler

Great addition! Hope to see this in the Dashboard suite soon...

11 October, 2018
Uwe Porsch

Cool :-)

11 October, 2018
Steve Sharkey

Could it be possible to hide/show different levels of the hierarchy of information to allow the user to drill down?

+1 for the appearance in the dashboard.

12 October, 2018
Oliver Sturm (DevExpress)

Hi Steve,

I'm afraid there's currently no built-in drill-down feature for this control. Our devs tell me that a possible solution would be to use hit-testing to detect a clicked element and re-assign the datasource on the adapter depending on that information.



12 October, 2018
Miro Mz

Great addition!

+1 for adding this as a widget in the dashboard suite

+1 for supporting drill-down capabilities (just like regular TreeMap)

12 October, 2018

This is fabulous. I can definitely use this control in my application. It is a perfect complement to the Treemap control.

12 October, 2018
Alfred Rakgole 2


+1 Dashboard and drill down.

14 October, 2018
Andrey (DevExpress)

@Jonatas Hudler

@Steve Sharkey

@Miro Mz

@Alfred Rakgole 2

Thank you for your interest in this new control as a part of DevExpress Dashboards!

We will take it into account in our next release planning.  

As you know, DevExpress Dashboards is a cross-platform product. As we see the interest in this functionality, we would need to discuss the implementation of this control in our Web (DevExtreme) / WPF control suites as well.

We would appreciate it if you describe any in real-life scenario of this visualization.

15 October, 2018
Daniel Franchy

Would love to see both:

1: WPF Implementation

2: Drill down functionality

15 October, 2018
Juan Antonio Trujillo Montenegro

Looking forward to the WPF version of this control.

15 October, 2018

Drill down is "need to have" ... asap :)

29 October, 2018
George MacDonald

Ok - this looks like a GREAT control.  Here are some thoughts...

1. I also would like to see Drill Down built in :)  But the solution you noted with the Hit Test might be a workable solution.

2. Real World solution:

a) Disk Space Usage.  This is an incredible way of viewing that subject.  

b) Showing relationships in a family tree sort of hierarchy.    

3. Would also like to see this in the Dashboard for viewing some data.  It would not be useful in all cases - but some data we have might display well in it.  

Thank you


13 November, 2018
Rоman K (DevExpress)

We are happy to hear your feedback about the Sunburst control.

1. Refer to the " " page to see an example that demonstrates how to implement this behavior.

2. It seems that you already have a similar question in our Support Center ( ). Please check the Support Team's reply.

3. We'll pass your request to our Dashboard development team.


14 November, 2018
Ralf Grenzing

+1 for a WPF Version

30 November, 2018

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