WinForms Data Grid Scrollbar Annotations

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06 December 2018

We’ve had some terrific feedback on our WinForms Data Grid’s new scrollbar annotation feature. We’d love to hear from those of you who are using it or have considered its use in a current or upcoming project. What’s been the reaction like amongst end-users? Is the UX intuitive? Do end-users appreciate the additional information you are able to display within the Grid’s container?

WinForms Data Grid Scrollbar Annotations

If you are unfamiliar with this new feature, scrollbar annotations help you direct users to important information within the grid. From the display of validation errors and search results to bookmarks, scrollbar annotations can improve app usability when used judiciously.

To learn more about annotations, please refer to the following help topic:

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Christian Peters
Christian Peters

What I really would love are Annotations in the TreeList!

6 December 2018

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