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07 May 2019

Time Regions are a new feature for our WinForms Scheduler Control. The enable you to selectively block modifications to appointments in certain timeframes, in other words, “freeze” a timeframe by prohibiting changes to existing appointments and the creation of new ones. Obvious applications for Time Regions include lunch hours and non-working days, but the feature is flexible enough to be used for other application-specific use cases.

If you have installed the v19.1 Beta version, you can run the Full Week Scheduler demo available in the DevExpress Demo Center. In this demo, the Scheduler applies two Time Regions:

  • Weekends
  • 1pm-2pm on working days

Time Regions

Time Regions have the same recurrence settings as appointments. The Editable property specifies whether users are allowed to add or modify appointments in time cells affected by a region, so Time Regions can function both ways: to lock specific time cells if editing is globally allowed, or to unlock them if editing is globally prohibited.

Each Time Region has a collection of appointment resource IDs. If the collection is empty, a Time Region applies to all appointments. If resource IDs are added to the collection, the Time Region only applies to appointments associated with these resources. In scheduler views grouped by resources, Time Regions are only shown for the resources they apply to.

Finally, the event SchedulerControl.TimeRegionCustomize allows detailed Time Region customization. You can write code to conditionally apply the Time Region to appointments. For instance, in the DevExpress demos the 1pm-2pm lunch hour Time Region does not accept any appointments, unless they are marked with the Out of Office status. This image shows a valid drag operation:

Dragging Appointment to Time Region

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Daniel Hüttenberger
Daniel Hüttenberger

Great feature, but why don't you integrate time regions into the datastorage?

I think this is very important since everything is bound to the datastorage (resources, appointment, labels, status)

7 May 2019

Great addition, I've written custom code to identify lunch times and other times when a resource isn't available for an appointment so this should replace that code I would hope.

8 May 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)


Currently, we are collecting user feedback regarding this feature. Probably, we will add data storage integration in the future. As for now, you can manually store time region information in your data source.

13 May 2019

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