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01 August 2019

We’ve received some great WinForms support questions this month and want to share our favorites with you. Please take a moment to review the following tickets and tell us whether these solutions (or peer suggestions) are something you’ll implement in an upcoming WinForms app.

  • How to customize our WinForms Ribbon control’s Search Menu item (yes, this is a new feature - v19.1) and catch Enter key presses.
    Ticket ID: T800370
  • How to display text within WinForms Grid cells while in display mode and checkboxes while in edit mode.
    Ticket ID: T759268
  • How to display an image below text content within WinForms Grid cells (using RepositoryItemHypertextLabel).
    Ticket ID: T759033
  • Common usage scenario: Form size change when loading PresentationCore DLL in an MVVM application.
    Ticket ID: T800072
  • How to customize the layout and add new controls to our XtraDialog (and display it as a custom MessageBox).
    Ticket ID: T800075
  • How to edit controls hosted in LayoutControlItems at runtime.
    Ticket ID: T753577
  • How to customize our WinForms Ribbon control for MVVM WindowedDocumentManagerService, RibbonFormService. You can follow this approach to customize any other WindowedDocumentManagerService container (e.g., the RibbonForm).
    Ticket ID: T752295
  • How to draw a custom Line and align it to the beginning of our WinForms Chart control’s diagram area (using built-in API).
    Ticket ID: T757396
  • What's the difference between XtraReport.Print and ReportPrintTool.Print methods.
    Ticket ID: T755391
  • Query Builder: Unicode characters are not displayed in data column captions.
    Ticket ID: T750829
  • How to disable our WinForms Report format converter dialog (data bindings to expression bindings).
    Ticket ID: T754776
  • How to change the appearance of a selected control in the End-User Report Designer.
    Ticket ID: T800652

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Link to ticket 800075 is broken and use an internal url. 

it should be:

But more importantly the interesting thread is this one: as if I understand properly the answer to T800075 was "Do you own message box using an XtraDialog"!

Would you consider providing a "Do not show again" management option a standard feature? 

1 August 2019
Dennis (DevExpress)
Dennis (DevExpress)
@Jean-Francois: Thank you - fixed.
1 August 2019
Dmitry (DevExpress)
Dmitry (DevExpress)


Sorry for the delayed response - if I understand correctly, you're asking whether we could add an option to show the "Do not show again" checkbox for any XtraMessageBox. I'm afraid I cannot provide a clear Yes\No answer right now, but we've added this suggestion to a list of possible improvements and may implement it in future releases. Thank you for the feedback!

6 August 2019

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