XAF - Access v18.1 Features Today for Early Testing

Your feedback counts!

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the needs of our XAF customers, the upcoming v18.1 release will ship with several major features. Many of them are inspired directly by customer feedback!

FreeImages.com/Timi az enIf you are an active Universal subscriber and would like to test these new features prior to the official release, download the DevExpress XAF v18.1 Preview installer.

By providing early build access, we hope to find out whether our new features and solutions address your requirements and issues. Your testing efforts and your feedback help us deliver the best possible final implementation. My colleague Mehul has recently described other benefits of this cooperation in his great post here.

In advance, thank you very much for your help!

New Rich Text Editor Module for WinForms

As you may already know, the DevExpress WinForms Rich Text Editor is part of a powerful word-processing library, allowing you to create, load, modify, print, save and convert rich text documents. In 2018, we will introduce a new XAF property editor based on this control. It will be available for byte array or text properties and will support mail merge.

Earlier, we have already collected community feedback on our initial vision of this new module, to make sure we don’t miss any important use-case scenarios. This time we want you to test our first implementation in your real projects and let us know what you think of the new functionality.

To get started and to learn more about the new Rich Text Editor module, please read this knowledge base article.

SVG Icons Support for WinForms

One of our primary objectives in 2018 is to improve the appearance of XAF desktop apps on high resolution displays. To achieve this, we will work to replace all default XAF PNG icons with their SVG equivalents (by the end of 2018).

First however, we need to ensure that all XAF visual elements support SVG images themselves: menus and navigation elements, the DetailView layout groups and tabs, built-in property editors, form templates, etc.

To check our progress in this regard and to help future development by answering questions from our team, please read this knowledge base article.

New Lookup Property Editor for ASP.NET WebForms

We will ship a new Web property editor for reference properties — one that is based on the DevExpress ASPxGridLookup. As you may already know, the existing ASPxLookupPropertyEditor relies on the ASPxComboBox and the ASPxPopupControl, and has not evolved much in recent years.

Our main reason to replace the ASPxLookupPropertyEditor is that the new ASPxGridLookup ASP.NET component brings lots of new useful features, including multiple columns, better server mode support, incremental search, filtering, sorting, and others.

To get started and to learn more about the ASPxGridLookupPropertyEditor capabilities, please read this knowledge base article.

Security Diagnostic Tool

We created this new tool to help XAF users understand why access to a certain object and its members is allowed or denied by security permissions. This is also helpful to us, reducing time spent on diagnosing customer issues related to security permissions.

The tool is already available for early testing in v17.2.6+, and you can enable it using the familiar EnableDiagnosticActions option.

To learn more about saving development and maintenance time with this tool, please read this knowledge base article.

Security Diagnostic Info

Before I let you go, just a quick question - are you guys using 24/7 app monitoring services such as Logify? Our support team plans on using Logify with some of our enterprise customers and we'd love to know what you guys think of 24/7 app monitoring. Check out the How to replace XAF exception handling with Logify  article to learn more about the XAF integration. Please note that we are using this exact approach for our online Web and Mobile demos (available at https://www.devexpress.com/Support/Demos/#xaf). 

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Manuel Grundner [DevExpress MVP]

Awesome :) ESP SVG Icon Support :)

23 March, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Manuel: Thanks for your comments! Take special note that we expect to re-paint all the built-in XAF images by the end of 2018 (for this demo I specified SVG  icons manually).

23 March, 2018
Leon Bost

Awesome. Great to see XAF evolve.

I can't wait for each major release ;).

Meanwhile, dreaming: The day I present my customers with an XAF SPA experience for the web.

23 March, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Leon: Thanks for your interest. What's your favorite feature from the roadmap, btw?

Our current vision that the XAF Mobile UI, which is a SPA HTML5/JavaScript app, will supersede the existing ASP.NET WebForms UI one day. For this, we need to evolve layouts and support other features for wider screens. For instance, v18.1 should bring collapsible layout groups and tabs. to be able to organize large amounts of data on the screen. Other features that support this vision will follow in the future.

23 March, 2018
Leon Bost

@Dennis, my favorite feature from the roadmap has to be the SVG Icons support for Winforms and the New Rich Text Editor Module for Winforms.

23 March, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Leon: Mine too:-)

23 March, 2018
Oliver Gröger

Really looking forward to this release, especially improvements and new features for ASP.NET Apps.

25 March, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

Thanks for your interest, Oliver!

25 March, 2018
Steve Sharkey

Silly question is ASPxRichEdit currently/going to be in the near future available for ASP.NET Apps?

26 March, 2018
Steve Sharkey

As usual, search and find nothing, ask a question then stumble across the answer that was there all along!

26 March, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)


We have not planned this for any specific release yet.

To accomplish this task in XAF, you can implement a custom PropertyEditor (documentation.devexpress.com).

There are several support center tickets which contain ASP.NET samples  that should help you accomplish this task faster: search.devexpress.com



Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any difficulties.

26 March, 2018
Roman Shelomanov

Hi Dennis,  we think to provide XAF Mobile UI for our clients for demo purposes. We will transfer current system to our Demo site and move it to 18.1

Is it possible with this 18.1 version installer?

19 April, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Roman: We provide this installer as Trial and for testing purposes only. I would not recommend using it in production. However, you can try the current v17.2 installer for Mobile UI testing.

19 April, 2018

Hi Dennis,

My ERP is based on XAF Web and I can't express the excitement I have to receive the new Web Lookup editor. It was one of the most awaited feature for my customer base.

Great job Dennis and the team.

26 April, 2018
Phan Sin Tian

I am hoping Dashboard and Pivot will also be available in Mobile if possible

14 May, 2018
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

Thanks for your feedback, Mohammed.

@Phan: Our team would love to have it in XAF Mobile UI too. In the meantime, please refer to the

www.devexpress.com/.../xaf-mobile-v-17-2-web-dashboard-viewer-for-mobile-devices article to learn more about possible solutions for the current XAF version.

14 May, 2018

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