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11 September 2018

Your feedback counts!

As part of our ongoing commitment to support the needs of our XAF customers, the upcoming v18.2 release will ship with several major features. Many of them are inspired directly by customer feedback!

If you are an active DevExpress Universal subscriber and would like to test these features prior to its official release, please email our support team at support@devexpress.com or rather create a separate private ticket in the Support Center. With that, we can verify your account and provide you with a v18.2 preview installation privately.

If you are using a trial and want to use these features today, you can purchase a DevExpress Universal license online (this will give you access to early builds such as this CTP). If you own a non-Universal subscription and are ready to upgrade, email us at clientservices@devexpress.com for preferential upgrade pricing.

By providing early build access, we hope to find out whether our new features and solutions address your requirements and issues. Your testing efforts and your feedback help us deliver the best possible final implementation. We have described other benefits of this cooperation in this post.

In advance, thank you very much for your help!

WinForms UI: SVG Icons Support (UPDATE)

One of our primary objectives in 2018 is to improve the appearance of XAF desktop apps on high resolution displays. To achieve this, we will work to replace all default XAF PNG icons with their SVG equivalents (by the end of 2018). First however, we need to ensure that all XAF visual elements support SVG images themselves: menus and navigation elements, the DetailView layout groups and tabs, built-in property editors, form templates, etc.

To check our progress in this regard and to help future development by answering questions from our team, please read this knowledge base article.

Our UI designers have recently provided us with a large collection of SVG images. We’ve integrated them into XAF’s Model Editor, form templates (we also added our new skin selector), property editors, etc. Remaining tasks include: draw icons for various business objects, integrate the DevExpress WinForms Accordion control, update demos, and integrate all new and existing XAF images into the DevExpress.Images library.

ASP.NET UI: Split View layout support (MasterDetailMode = ListAndDetailView)

XAF’s ASP.NET WebForms UI includes a new community-inspired feature - ListViewAndDetailView display mode for ListView. Much like Microsoft Outlook’s “Compact View,” this feature allows you to display a DetailView for focused records within the ListView. To get started and to learn more about these capabilities, please read this knowledge base article.

Mobile UI: New ASP.NET Core Data Service

Existing XAF Mobile UI users are welcome to migrate to our newest server features: How to connect an existing XAF Mobile application to the new ASP.NET Core Data Service (CTP). The new SPA UI will use this server and you can help us release this portion faster by providing feedback.

Do not miss our updated vision for XAF Web & Mobile development – one that’s based on an entirely new SPA driven UI. When this ASP.NET Core and React-based solution matures, it will supersede/replace existing WebForms and Mobile user interfaces.

BONUS: WinForms Office-inspired Word Processing Module is out of CTP in v18.1.6!

Main RichTextPropertyEditor functions are ready and both internal and public preview tests did not reveal any show stoppers. We do not expect breaking changes either. The last thing that kept us has been fixed in v18.1.5 (our WinForms team optimized the way in which menus are generated). As you may already know from our previous announces, the WinForms HTML Property Editor Module is now in maintenance mode. We recommend that you use our RichTextPropertyEditor instead of HtmlPropertyEditor for standard usage scenarios (for instance, when you wish to create email templates). We’ve updated the corresponding online documentation and Support Center articles, but missed the XAF Solution Wizard. Ignore the CTP label for the Office module there - we will remove it in v18.1.7+.

Updated documentation

Interesting Support Center tickets

  • With v18.2,  the design-time Model Editor tool works with Class Library projects using the new Visual Studio 2017 csproj format (T665236);
  • We discussed how to add validation rules dynamically (at runtime) so that required properties do not accept nulls, do not exceed length or meet other criteria (T162321);
  • The IObjectSpace.Rollback() method signature has been changed to IObjectSpace.Rollback(askConfirmation = true). This allows you to call the Rollback method with a false parameter and suppress rollback confirmation (T133109);
  • We discussed that non-persistent POCO marked with the DomainComponentAttribute do not support custom (runtime) members and that they are totally different from Domain Components (DC) despite using the same attribute (T666245);
  • An advanced scenario where a customer needed to dynamically localize his extenders for Application Model elements (T665740);
  • We discussed a separation of concerns and that the best programming practice is not to couple your data model with the UI (T665693);
  • Ways to specify an XAF Property Editor for properties and types individually or globally, statically or dynamically (KA18907);
  • We discussed how to manage DetailView field tab order dynamically, in code (T446884);
  • A couple of advanced validation scenarios with non-persistent objects in a persistent object's DetailView and the report wizard (T666584 | T666397);
  • A couple of scenarios that illustrate how to use the SplashScreenManager component to improve perceivedperformance of your chart and CRUD forms (T666543 | T563780);
  • A new KB Article inspired by recent user questions on whether to use XAF with an old frozen or unchangeable database schema and all the business logic in raw SQL, stored procedures (T671224).

Find more interesting customer questions and product enhancements for your favorite products in the DevExpress Support Center (expand the "Frameworks (XAF & XPO)" group on the right) and What's New documentation (see resolved issues). 

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