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14 March 2019

We are two months away from our next major update (v19.1). The purpose of this post is to share details and give users the opportunity to test new functionality before we wrap up our current dev cycle. If you own an active Universal subscription, you can download the CTP build from the DevExpress Download Manager and test the features described in this blog post. Once you do, take a moment to let us know how well the new features address your requirements. This will help us fine-tune our code before the launch.

If you are using a trial version and want access to the new XAF features today, purchase a Universal subscription license and you will automatically gain access to the CTP version. If you are ready to upgrade to Universal from another subscription level, email us at for preferential upgrade pricing.

ASP.NET WebForms RTF Editor & WinForms Spreadsheet Editor

We've come a long way since we first introduced the WinForms Office module in 2018. The module now includes the WinForms Spreadsheet and the ASP.NET WebForms RTF editors. You can use them to display and edit Word and Excel documents stored in string or byte array properties of your business objects.

To learn more about the new capabilities and to help shape our future development, read this knowledge base article and answer a few questions from the R&D team.

Our long-time customer, Finland-based EarthCape OY, kindly allowed us to share their use-case for these new editors. They currently rely on custom-built property editors in their XAF-based platform. Scientists in the DNA Laboratory at the Finnish Museum of Natural History use these controls to make notes.

.NET Core 3 and Visual Studio 2019 Support

Good news from our labs! We succeeded in adjusting our v19.1 WinForms MainDemo so that it runs under .NET Core 3.0. We have not yet published dedicated demos on GitHub as our WinForm team did. The SPA UI functionality still needs tests and we must ensure that all our internal tests pass in the new environment. If you're interested in adjusting your projects manually to run under .NET Core, refer to this knowledge base article.

XAF Solution Wizard, Model Editor, and Application & Module Designers now all work in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 4+. If you are running a compatible Visual Studio version, let us know how these features work for you. Make a note that we have optimized the Solution Wizard for faster project generation.

New WinForms Splash Screens

We have updated the splash screens used in our demos and in new projects.

You can optionally enable overlay animation instead of the splash screen. The animation will run after users click the 'Log In' button and until the main form appears. If you prefer this behavior, set the protected property WinApplication.ExecuteStartupLogicBeforeClosingLogonWindow to True and use the DXSplashScreen type in the YourSolutionName.Win/WinApplication.xx file:

public YourWindowsFormsApplication() {
    SplashScreen = new DXSplashScreen(typeof(YourSplashScreenType), new DefaultOverlayFormOptions());
    ExecuteStartupLogicBeforeClosingLogonWindow = true;

ASP.NET WebForms User-Friendly URLs for Views

We've simplified URL customization for ListViews and DetailViews in Web apps with the new RouteManager API. For example, you can now customize URLs to match the following highly requested format:



To learn more about this new capability, read this knowledge base article.

We Need Your Feedback!

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated in the comments section below, the Support Center tickets or our team email Please take a moment to also answer the questions in the survey below. Thank you for your help!

Interesting Support Center Tickets

  • Our long-time customer described how he complied with GDPR requirements using XAF security system permissions (T576415).
  • We have updated our KB article on how to avoid the creation of an extra index along with a foreign key for a reference type property in XPO (S138633).
  • We have published a KB article on how to resolve the following error: 'DevExpress.Xpo.Exceptions.SessionMixingException: object belongs to a different session' (T720705).
  • We have provided a Web example on how to create a custom ListEditor based on ASPxCardView (T526272).
  • Inspired by customer feedback, our recent v18.2.7 update has more flexibility with regard to the state of the ResetPassword and ChangeMyPassword Actions when DetailView is in edit mode (T716175).
  • Another reminder about NGEN: this standard for .NET way can cut the startup time almost in half (T719697).

Find other interesting customer questions and product enhancements for your favorite products in the DevExpress Support Center (the "Frameworks (XAF & XPO)" group on the right) and in the What's New documentation (see resolved issues).

NOTE: Preview builds for v19.1 are provided solely for early testing purposes; they are not ready for production use and must not be shared with others, as any other pre-release versions of our software. This build can be installed side by side with other DevExpress major versions. Many other installation parts may not be ready yet or even be broken, so we would kindly ask you to research and test only the functionality discussed in this article. Your application must be upgraded to the new version using the Project Converter, as you would normally do when migrating to a new DevExpress version: Installation > Upgrade Notes. Always backup your application and other important data before installing any preview builds and actual testing

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