Reports In Visual Studio 2010, WPF & Silverlight - v2010 vol 1

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06 April 2010

The DevExpress Reports team has been busy preparing for the DXperience v2010.1 release. I’m happy to report that they’re hard work has paid off and the new items for v2010.1 look fantastic:

Complete Support for Visual Studio 2010

The XtraReports Suite now fully supports the new Microsoft IDE providing the same feature set as for the previous Visual Studio versions:

  • Create new reports using templates available through the ‘Add New Item’ dialog
  • Use fully-integrated report designer with native toolbars and service windows
  • View HTML output and print preview within the IDE


Report Viewer for WPF

You can now integrate reports created with the XtraReports Suite into your WPF application. Simply use the new Report Viewer for WPF:


Report Viewer for Silverlight


Silverlight applications developers can also display reports created with the XtraReports Suite. How? Just use the Silverlight Report Viewer that has a common code base with the WPF version.

Since Silverlight applications provide a different data access model, we've also introduced a new Report Data Provider service that transmits report data to the client applications' Report Viewer.

When Is It Available?

I’m glad you asked. The DXperience v2010.1 release will be available this month in April 2010. But a beta should be available sooner to DXperience customers.

Drop me a line below with your thoughts on these exciting announcements for the XtraReports Suite.

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