DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap - Spreadsheet (v18.2 Preview)

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21 November 2018

The powerful DevExpress ASP.NET Spreadsheet control is now available for our ASP.NET Bootstrap set of controls.


This control is available as a preview version in the v18.2 release. However, it supports nearly all major features, including the new Pivot Tables.

It's a preview version because we're working to improve the new Spreadsheet's performance, Touch UI and Mobile experience, and add several minor dialogs. In fact, we'll likely release these features in a future v18.2 minor release.

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of this new Spreadsheet control.


Like other DevExpress ASP.NET Bootstrap controls, the new Spreadsheet control will work with nearly any Bootstrap theme. The control's appearance is set through the Bootstrap.css file so it will look great in all Bootstrap-based apps.

The new Spreadsheet control also supports the excellent new DevExpress Bootstrap themes:



The Spreadsheet also makes use of a new adaptive ribbon control that adjusts its items based on the screen size:



Even though this is a preview version, the Spreadsheet control is packed with the following major features:

  • Charting
  • Formulas
  • Comments
  • Protection
  • Images
  • Printing
  • Worksheet Display Area
  • Freeze Panes
  • Sorting and AutoFilter
  • Data Validation
  • Mail Merging
  • Extensive UI options: dialogs, context menu, ribbon;
  • Client-side and Server-side API


Take a look at the online demo and documentation:

Then test the new DevExpress Bootstrap Spreadsheet control in your Bootstrap web apps and give us your feedback.

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