ASP.NET Core - New DevExtreme-based Responsive Project Template (v19.1)

24 April 2019

A project template is great because it creates the core pieces for a full working web application. This allows you to get up and running in minutes.

Last year, we created a responsive project template for our classic ASP.NET web controls. We learned from your excellent feedback that you want more responsive templates for our other web controls too.

Good news, a new responsive project template is now available for our DevExtreme-based ASP.NET Core controls!

The new template is part of the upcoming v19.1 release and you can skip to the end if you're ready to download it. But first, take a look at the template's powerful features.

Responsive & Adaptive

The template makes use of several DevExtreme ASP.NET Core Controls including the DataGrid, Drawer, and ToolBar.

We used our existing DevExtreme Angular Template as a foundation because it provides great responsive features and adaptive navigation.

The navigation layout uses our Drawer component and supports multiple responsive breakpoints. Thus, your apps will look great on any screen:

Best Practices

We built this project template with the latest technologies and best practices. That's why our new project template is:

Rest assured, when Microsoft releases an ASP.NET Core update then we'll keep pace and update our project template as well.

Visual Studio

This new project template is only for Visual Studio users. You'll find it in the Visual Studio "File → New" dialog. If you're using the new Visual Studio 2019 wizard then you can search for our new template. Type 'DevExtreme' rather than "ASP.NET Core" to narrow down to our specific new template:

Test It Now (and provide feedback)

Test-drive the project template on your local machine. If you're a current DXperience customer then download the v19.1 release from the Client Center.

Then let us know your experience with the new project template.

Join the Webinar

Sign up for the upcoming "What's New in v19.1 - ASP.NET, MVC, and ASP.NET Core Controls" webinar where:

  • you'll see all the new features/tools/components in v19.1 and
  • you can ask questions and interact with our devs

Register today:

11 comment(s)

It's all good news for us DevExpress Customers.

   As we are eagerly waiting for Blazor I just would like to know if this template will also work with it.

24 April, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


The Blazor controls are NOT based around DevExtreme so they will not work with this template. However, once we develop the controls more, then we can focus on providing templates and other VS tooling support. Thanks.

24 April, 2019
Rick Mathers

@Mehul, I thought you said in another post that Blazor was not based on DevExtreme.  Can you please clarify?

In the comments section:

"@Vladislav, It is not a port but these are new components. If you prefer DevExtreme, you can use it with client-side technologies. However, the strength of Blazor is working with C# and .NET. UI and feature wise, the DevExtreme controls were influenced by the DevExpress ASP.NET controls. :)"

Aside from that, this is awesome as I am getting ready to start a new ASP.NET Core Project, this will certainly speed the process up on getting started.

25 April, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


You're right and I forgot the keyword, NOT. :) Thanks for catching it, I've fixed it. We've got a bunch of great content coming up about 19.1 and I'm also planning a post about how we built the Blazor controls and why, stay tuned. :)

25 April, 2019
Vladislav Kiselev

Hi @Mehul, I've mentioned DevExtreme in that thread only as a sample of high-quality controls with perfect view. Usually most of bootstrap-based controls looks ugly, and new Blazor controls as well. It is not a brick into developers garden (you are high-level professionals), its just a fact and the root of this problem in bootstrap itself.

I'll be glad to forgot about javascript and work only with C#, but at the same time my customers wants high quality picture. At the moment, adjusting bootstrap-based controls to the same display quality as DevExtreme controls have out-of-the box requires a lot of effort.

We are looking forward to Blazor controls, we want to use them and we have a lot of plans using them in our future projects.

p.s. Is it possible to setup avatar for blog posts?

p.p.s. What is about official support of JetBrains IDEs family?

At the moment we use WebStorm to work with DevExtreme, and have some plans to migrate to Rider with .net core C# projects in next several months.

25 April, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)


Thanks and please email me about your bootstrap render concerns please. Specifically, what differences do you see. What pain points do you have, etc.

Avatar for blog posts, this link use to work:

I'll ask support about it.

Regarding other IDEs, I'd recommend putting a suggestion on the DevExtreme GitHub repo:

25 April, 2019
Blago Culjak

Hi Mehul, is there any way to add child itemsto your TreeView in Drawer?

.Items(items => {




                       .Option("path", Url.Page("Index"))





                       .Option("path", Url.Page("About"))



26 April, 2019
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

@Blago, I recommend posting this question on our support center:

26 April, 2019

As long as we wire up the service ourselves,  we can use DevExtreme Angular views   with DevExtreme  Web API  scaffolding wizard?  

I just look up Devextreme Snippets | Angular in market place for visual studio code.  I saw Don's webinar last week.  I saw the wizard drop the control on to a razor view page with an MVC app.  For Angular projects, this would be a nice wizard to have.  

26 April, 2019
Sara Radmaneshs


27 April, 2019
Aleksey M (DevExpress)


Nested items are not supported. This is, of course, strange for a TreeView component. I notified the team about the issue. Thanks for catching this!


We provide a wizard for scaffolding Angular views. Check Don's blog at

30 April, 2019

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