DevExpress v14.2 beta 1 is now ready for download

20 November 2014

Just in time for the weekend and all that spare time you thought you’d have, we have released beta 1 of Universal v14.2. The beta is open to all active DXperience and Universal subscribers. To get it, all you need to do is login to, click on the Download Your Products link at the top of the page, and look for and click Universal Subscription. Cunningly we present the latest released version by default, so click on the down arrow to select the version you’d like to download and the beta is shown in red in the dropdown list.

Crystal ballAlthough I drew the short straw to write this blog post – just kidding! – I was allowed to choose the most significant features in this beta that I felt had the most bang for the buck. So here goes for a baker’s quartet:

  1. WinForms, ASP.NET  & WPF Grid Controls: New Excel Data Export – this is HUGE. An completely rewritten Excel export engine that has more features and is, like, 10 times faster than before. I doff my hat to this one. There’s also a lot of other spreadsheet-y news dotted around the What’s New as well, so if your bag is spreadsheets (that’s me being hip), you’d better check it all out.
  2. PDF Control: Interactive Forms and Annotations – the first step to full support for forms in PDFs with our PDF Control. This has been a much-requested feature ever since we released the first version of the PDF Control.
  3. ASP.NET Adaptive and Responsive UI Support – perhaps this has been some time coming, but it’s here now. Create ASP.NET pages with our controls that look optimal with different browser window sizes.
  4. On the data analysis and reporting side (avoiding the spreadsheet stuff, I just mentioned), there are almost too many new features to review. One, two, three, four.
  5. Lots of new features and widgets for our HTML5/JS product, DevExtreme. One, two, three, four. I love me new client-side web stuff.

I must sound a small word of caution here: this is beta 1 of v14.2, not the release. (That’s coming at the beginning of December, plus or minus.) There is likely to be a beta 2, for example. Use within production code at your own risk.

If you’ve let your subscription lapse and you are intrigued by some of these new features, you really should renew and try them out instead of just reading our posts about them. Screenshots are all very well, but nothing beats actually using a new feature or control in your app. Contact our Client Services team today ( they are ready with some great deals on your renewal.

Of course, if you are an existing single platform subscriber (that is, WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF) and would like to obtain access to this beta as well as begin using all the other products we ship inside DXperience and Universal, please contact our client services team to learn more about the upgrade pricing available to you.

Above all, once you’ve installed and tried out the beta, please let us know what you think of these new features. We love feedback. It also goes without saying that our support team are ready to help you with issues you may have with the beta, so contact them in the usual way if you need to.

Aside: If you’re a VCL subscriber, fear not, your beta and release comes some two weeks or so after the .NET one, as usual. I’ve been checking out what’s new there, and I think you’ll be well pleased. I’ll start blogging about it all after this other release is done.

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Jens Fudickar [DX-Squad]

Thanks for not forgetting the VCL guys :-)

20 November, 2014
George Fahnbulleh_1

I have an ASP.Net subscription, how  do I get the bits?

20 November, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)


Did you receive an Email? This beta is limited to DXperience and Universal customers.

20 November, 2014
Courtney (DevExpress)

Hi George,

Beta is only available to our active DXperience and Universal Subscribers.  

If you are interested in upgrading you may have discount pricing available.  Just login to your Client Center account and navigate to My Account > Renew an Existing Subscription.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

20 November, 2014

Guys, all enchancements are very good. 2 questions:

1) XAF HTML5 Web solution? (PLEASE)

2) 3n tier for XAF - any optimisation so we may have winforms solution "thin", calculations on 2nd "service tier" - to understand the idea you can look @ MS dynamics NAV product. Great idea, you as a company can optimize it even for superb performance. No problem to pay more for such platform (serious). Especially with Excel improvements... awesome!

Overall would like to thank you for all your efforts! Keep it going and please make XAF "thin" and HTML5 :D And big thanks for support guys, especially to Denis :)

20 November, 2014
Geert Depickere

I see that "good-old" Silverlight is nowhere mentioned in the communication around 14.2.

Will any of the new WPF features also make it to its Silverlight cousin or are your Silverlight components entering a maintenance-only mode?

20 November, 2014
Paolo Liverani

I am 100% with Gosha. We need


2) 3 tier for XAF working fine


21 November, 2014

True petty that DX  has abandoned Silverlight, although they have common code base (XPF).

We are still using SL (and we are not alone)

21 November, 2014
Yari Serve

Does it contain the WPF TokenBox?

22 November, 2014
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Gosha, Paolo: We greatly appreciate your feedback on this.

24 November, 2014
Geert Depickere

@QUALCO SA "we are not alone" : indeed, there is at least 2 of us still using Silverlight ;-)

24 November, 2014

@Geert Depickere, @DevExpress Well at least we deserve a formal statement about. Thank god there are still some other Vendors still actively developing SL.

26 November, 2014

@Geert Depickere, @DevExpress Well at least we deserve a formal statement about. Thank god there are still some other Vendors still actively developing SL.

26 November, 2014

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