Logify Breadcrumbs: How to Reproduce Application Errors with Ease

Logify was designed to help you catch and log unhandled exceptions as they occur and correct issues within your app as quickly as possible.

Each exception report sent to Logify contains a detailed description of individual app crash events (exceptions and their call stacks, operating system info, application data, loaded modules, etc.).

Though quite descriptive, this information may at times be insufficient to discover the root cause of a given crash. To properly diagnose the problem encountered by end-users, you may need to know the sequence of actions that caused the exception and the steps needed to replicate the error.

Logify Breadcrumbs to the Rescue

To help you quickly diagnose the underlying cause of application exceptions, Logify allows you to log user actions that precede an exception.

This feature (Breadcrumbs) can be enabled by setting the Logify client's CollectBreadcrumbs property to true. Once enabled, Logify will automatically collect user actions so you can determine the root cause of an exception (Logify attaches the corresponding breadcrumb log to a report).

The information Logify collects varies based upon the technology and platform used. For example, Logify logs mouse clicks, keyboard button presses and focus changes for WinForms applications.

Breadcrumbs are limited to 1000 records per report (default), but you can change this value using the client’s BreadcrumbsMaxCount property.

You can also manually collect user actions by adding the necessary information (about each user action) to the Logify client's Breadcrumbs collection. This collection is automatically stored in a report.

Breadcrumb Logs

As you might expect, displaying each keyboard event in a Breadcrumb log can generate a very large and difficult to understand file. For example, this is what happens when you enter “Hello World!”:

To help remedy this reality, Logify identifies important log sequences and displays the information in a more compact and readable message:

NOTE: Logify clients do not send passwords and allow you to remove sensitive data from reports before they are sent to the service.

For more information on Breadcrumbs, please refer to the following help topic: Breadcrumbs.

If you have questions about Logify or would like to share your thoughts on our 24x7 app monitoring service, feel free to leave a comment or write to us at clientservices@devexpress.com.

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