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WinForms HTML & CSS Support: Best Practices
VCL v23.2 — Support for RAD Studio 12.1 Patch 1
XAF v24.1 EAP — Tabbed MDI, Batch Edit, Notifications, Customization Form and Accessibility for Blazor, EF Core 8 and Performance Boost for Middle Tier Server
VCL v24.1 EAP — RAD Studio 12.1 Support, Secondary Axes & Palettes in Charts, Office 365 Ribbon Style, Enhanced Image Editors
.NET MAUI — Early Access Preview (v24.1) & Minor Update Enhancements (v23.2.5)
.NET and .NET Framework — Migration from Newtonsoft.Json to System.Text.Json (v24.1)
DevExtreme JS & ASP.NET Core — Early Access Preview (v24.1)
Office File API and Office-Inspired Controls (WinForms & WPF) — Early Access Preview (v24.1)
DevExpress Reporting & BI Dashboard — Early Access Preview (v24.1)
Blazor Component Suite — Early Access Preview (v24.1)
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