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XAF Team Blog
When time to market matters and you need to deliver functional and easy-to-use business solutions that target both WinForms and ASP.NET, look no further than the award-winning eXpressApp Framework™ (XAF). Focus on your business needs and let XAF handle all mundane tasks.
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XPO Team Blog
XPO abstracts the database layer, keeping you completely in the object-oriented realm. XPO is flexible enough to help you solve a wide range of tasks, starting from simple WinForms, Console, ASP.NET, Xamarin and WPF applications, all the way up to data services and complex n-tier solutions that are compatible with multiple database systems.
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WinForms Team Blog
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Discussions, news and rants from the CTO of DevExpress, Julian M Bucknall
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ASP.NET Team Blog
JavaScript, HTML 5, ASP.NET, DevExpress, ASP.NET MVC & WebForms, and News - Mehul Harry's DevExpress blog
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Thinking Out Loud
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Mark Miller
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WPF Team Blog
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Rachel Hawley's DevExpress Community Blog
Community news, community support, community resources and DevExpress competitions. Welcome to the lighter side of DevExpress, where I will try to keep you up-to-date on DevExpress' community involvement and give you the chance win prizes and see your name in the DevExpress Community Blogs.
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Rory Becker - DevExpress CodeRush Blog
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