What’s New in CodeRush for Roslyn (preview) 1.0.7

CodeRush for Roslyn (preview) v1.0.7 is now available on the Visual Studio gallery.

Here’s an overview of new and improved functionality in CodeRush for Roslyn (CRR):

Unit Test Runner

The Unit Test Runner now detects and runs unit tests for the MSTest framework. The Test Runner also runs CoreCLR test cases in the DNX environment.

Structural Highlighting

This release includes Structural Highlighting support for C#, Visual Basic and XAML. Structural Highlighting helps you easily see the structure of your code.

Navigation Tools

The Quick Nav and Quick File Nav features have been ported to CodeRush for Roslyn, so you can quickly find symbols and files throughout your solution.


The Refactorings Catalog options page is now available. This options page lists all refactorings and enables you to control the availability of each refactoring.

Code Cleanup

The Make properties auto-implemented code cleanup rule is now available.

Code Coverage

Now you can export code coverage statistics to XML, HMTL, and an NDepend-compatible format. CodeRush for Roslyn also now collects and presents coverage information for MSTest unit tests.


Decompiled code structure now more closely matches the original structure of the code (before it was compiled), and the Decompiler now automatically names variables based on their usage or type.

Additionally, the following code structures are now supported:

  • for and foreach loops
  • using statements
  • auto-implemented properties
  • null-coalescing operators

Give it a Try

As always, you are encouraged to download the CodeRush for Roslyn preview and give it a try.

Side note: One of the new CodeRush 15.2 features, Paste as XAML/SVG, did not make it into the CodeRush for Roslyn v1.0.7 release due to tight development constraints. Our intention is to release this feature in the next CodeRush for Roslyn update, v1.0.8.

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