DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls Featured on Microsoft's Community Standup Show

Last week I had the privilege to be a guest on the .NET MAUI Community Standup show hosted by Maddy Montaquila and David Ortinau. If you're not familiar with the show, as the name implies, it's all about sharing MAUI knowledge and building community.

The first 30 minutes cover what's happening with the latest builds and community plugins (like .NET Meteor and DotRush).  From the 30 minute mark, I cover a number of the features offered in our FREE .NET MAUI control suite and demonstrate some up coming features in our 23.2 release.

You can watch the whole presentation on YouTube or dive into specific controls:

34:56 - Project Templates & Getting Started (docs)
37:16 - Collection View
43:16 - Data Grid
45:14 - Charts
46:26 - Scheduler
47:24 - Color Schemes
49:25 - Shimmer
50:00 - Form Items (Settings Form)
51:17 - Featured Scenarios (docs)
52:46 - Image Edit
53:33 - HTML Editor
54:48 - PDF Viewer
55:38 - Reporting & Office File API (Export Reports and Sign PDF). It's also worth mentioning the exciting new CTP DevExpress Reporting Extension for VS Code allowing the creation and editing of DevExpress Reports on MacOS and Linux.
57:58 - .NET Meteor & DotRush
1:01:08 - Wooden .NET MAUI Bot

If you are new to DevExpress .NET MAUI controls, head over to this page and register your FREE copy today. To learn more about the newest DevExpress .NET MAUI features in v23.2, visit .NET MAUI — Year-End Roadmap (v23.2) - we plan to ship this and much more in early December. We are also excited about the upcoming features in the .NET MAUI platform itself and .NET 8, so you may want to check out Microsoft's .NET MAUI blog as well.

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