Webinar: Building an iOS and Android Application using DXTREME and Visual Studio

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27 February 2013

A big thank you to everyone who attended today's webinar. The details can be seen here or you can watch directly on YouTube with this link

Other Helpful links:

DXTREME Learning Centre



SQL Table:

The table used for the webinar can be created with the following script (Create a database called Pensieve):

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Thoughts]


[Id] [int] NOT NULL IDENTITY(1, 1),

[Thought] [varchar] (100) COLLATE SQL_¬Latin1_¬General_¬CP1_¬CI_¬AS NULL,

[Done] [bit] NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_¬Thoughts_¬Done] DEFAULT ((0)),

[Added] [datetime] NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_¬Thoughts_¬Added] DEFAULT (getdate())





Implementing a simple server side search:

During the presentation, I implemented a search box, the syntax was as follows:

 <div data-bind="dxTextbox: { placeholder: 'search...', value: search, mode: 'search'}"></div>  

And the replacement code for Thoughts.js, is;

Pensieve.Thoughts = function (params) {

    var ds = Pensieve.db.Thoughts.toDataSource({
        map: function (item) {
            return new Pensieve.ThoughtViewModel(item);
    var viewModel = {
        search: ko.observable(),
        dataSource: ds
    viewModel.search.subscribe(function (val) {
        ds.filter(["Thought", "contains", val]);

    return viewModel;


I mentioned the creation of the certificates using just a PC, so here are the steps

Apple WDC

Within the iOS Provisioning Portal, you can request a WWDR, this will in turn request a CSR or Certificate Signing Request, to perform this step on your Windows machine, you will need to be running an instance of IIS.

Within IIS Manager, select a machine running an instance of IIS from the left panel then locate the certificates entry:

From the "Actions" panel on the top right, select "Create Certificate Request"

Fill in all the details in the panel:

Ensure the RSA Key is set to 2048

Then nominate where you would like to save the request:

Inside the iOS Provisioning Portal, choose to upload the file

And then select "Generate"

You will see a screen similar to the following, you can now download your certificate

Inside IIS, choose "Complete Request" from the Action Panel

Browse to where you created the file and provide a friendly name.  

You now have a paired your request with Apple's certificate, to produce a full certificate with both public and private keys. 

There are many external posts on how to create .p12 files and CSR's, here are a few links. 



The feedback has been amazing; I am looking forward to seeing what everyone produces using DXTREME.

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