Webinar: Building an iOS and Android Application using DXTREME and Visual Studio

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27 February 2013

A big thank you to everyone who attended today's webinar. The details can be seen here or you can watch directly on YouTube with this link

Other Helpful links:

DXTREME Learning Centre



SQL Table:

The table used for the webinar can be created with the following script (Create a database called Pensieve):

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Thoughts]


[Id] [int] NOT NULL IDENTITY(1, 1),

[Thought] [varchar] (100) COLLATE SQL_¬Latin1_¬General_¬CP1_¬CI_¬AS NULL,

[Done] [bit] NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_¬Thoughts_¬Done] DEFAULT ((0)),

[Added] [datetime] NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_¬Thoughts_¬Added] DEFAULT (getdate())





Implementing a simple server side search:

During the presentation, I implemented a search box, the syntax was as follows:

 <div data-bind="dxTextbox: { placeholder: 'search...', value: search, mode: 'search'}"></div>  

And the replacement code for Thoughts.js, is;

Pensieve.Thoughts = function (params) {

    var ds = Pensieve.db.Thoughts.toDataSource({
        map: function (item) {
            return new Pensieve.ThoughtViewModel(item);
    var viewModel = {
        search: ko.observable(),
        dataSource: ds
    viewModel.search.subscribe(function (val) {
        ds.filter(["Thought", "contains", val]);

    return viewModel;


I mentioned the creation of the certificates using just a PC, so here are the steps

Apple WDC

Within the iOS Provisioning Portal, you can request a WWDR, this will in turn request a CSR or Certificate Signing Request, to perform this step on your Windows machine, you will need to be running an instance of IIS.

Within IIS Manager, select a machine running an instance of IIS from the left panel then locate the certificates entry:

From the "Actions" panel on the top right, select "Create Certificate Request"

Fill in all the details in the panel:

Ensure the RSA Key is set to 2048

Then nominate where you would like to save the request:

Inside the iOS Provisioning Portal, choose to upload the file

And then select "Generate"

You will see a screen similar to the following, you can now download your certificate

Inside IIS, choose "Complete Request" from the Action Panel

Browse to where you created the file and provide a friendly name.  

You now have a paired your request with Apple's certificate, to produce a full certificate with both public and private keys. 

There are many external posts on how to create .p12 files and CSR's, here are a few links. 



The feedback has been amazing; I am looking forward to seeing what everyone produces using DXTREME.

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HanS Fadzli
HanS Fadzli

Hi did dxtreme support BB10. my client want support multiplatform

thank you

27 February 2013
Paul Usher (DevExpress)
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

No, support is currently for iOS, Android and Win8.

27 February 2013
Craig Simon
Craig Simon

What would the "common name" be on the certificate? I thought this was supposed to correspond to the domain name for a website when using https, but I'm not clear on how this fits into the mobile world.

12 October 2013
Paul Usher
Paul Usher

Hi Craig, common name would just be your name. For example on my cert, Common Name is 'Paul Usher'.  Hope this helps.

13 October 2013

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