What's New for Dashboards and Reporting : FAQ

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11 June 2018

Following our recent “What’s New” webinar for Dashboards and Reporting, we promised to post the Q&A details. Well here it is…


Q: How can I change the chart/graph Title font size and style in Web Dashboard?

A: You can access dxChart widget, if you subscribe to ItemWidgetCreated /ItemWidgetUpdated , and use ASPxClientDashboardItemWidgetEventArgs.GetWidget . Then you can change its Title font settings or Axis Title font options.

Q: Does the dashboard integrate with workspaces?

A: If we are talking about Amazon WorkSpaces, ASP.NET Core Web Dashboard should work in AWS. They declare that they support .NET Core 2.0

Q: Is there an out-of-the box connectivity for MS Project Server Data to dashboard?

A: No, but you can use an ObjectDataSource to get data from MS Project Server and load it into Dashboard.

Q: A missing feature on Dashboard, except tabs is "scrolling". Is it in your plans?
A: We don’t have plans for a scrolling feature right now.

Q: Will the dashboard range control functionality also soon be available for OLAP (as it currently seems to be unavailable/disabled for such data source connection?)

A: After discussion with R&D team, we decided to research additional ways to support Range Filter functionality for OLAP DataSource.

Q: Any direct support to Hadoop? or no sql?

A: We do not support NoSql data sources directly. You can use ObjectDataSource to query any data base in C# code and then load retrieved data into Dashboard

Q: Another question here: Is it possible to use a icon set to show in one of grid column?

A: You can use the Conditional Formatting feature in Grid and Pivot Grid, and show predefined set of icons bound to your data.

Q: Is it planned for Dashboard to have support for SSAS in tabular mode?

A: SSAS in tabular mode is already partially supported.

Q: Do you have a plan for Oracle OLAP support?

A: We don’t have any immediate plans yet. We will take your interest in this scenario into account for future planning.

Q: Any new themes?

A: We didn’t add any new themes in WinForms or Web Dashboard for v18.1. If you are interested in WPF Dashboard Viewer – it comes with a full set of WPF themes.

Q: Performance enhancements in dashboard?

A: In v18.1, we improved multi-core data processing in some scenarios. Please find more info in our What’s New, section Data Processing

Q: Will Winforms dashboards eventually support all the chart types in the chart control suite?

A: We don’t have immediate plans to introduce new chart types. If you have a need for a specific chart type, please contact us in Support Center and describe your requirements and use case. We will take it into account when planning next versions.

Q: Drag and drop option in pivot grid of dashboard?

A: We don’t have immediate plans to introduce drag & drop fields in Viewer mode. You are still able to configure your Pivot in designer mode in any way.

Q: Can u point to the documentation?

A: Beta version of our updated help site is https://docs.devexpress.com


Q: Any plans for Simple Report Designer with drag and drop fields?

A: We have not planned the implementation of any lightweight Report Designer components, but we’d be more than happy to hear and research your requirements. Please contact our support team either by creating a ticket in the Support Center or drop an email to support@devexpress.com.

Q: Formatting rules organization missing in Xtrareports when switching to Expression mode. Has a new organization method been introduced?

A: The key point here is that once you enable the expression bindings mode, the formatting rules are hidden since the same task can be now achieved using the expressions. See the Shaping Data using Expression Bindings help topic for additional information.

Q: Reporting on DevExteme framework, is it going to happen? Soon?

A: We have no plans to implement a JavaScript-based rendering engine. However, you can integrate our .NET-based reporting tools into a client-side application as follows: Using Reporting Controls in JS.

Q: Any plan to support CachedReportSource in XAF?

A: Yes, CachedReportSource can be used in XAF -- you can see we discussed this in this support ticket thread T629463

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