Webinar: Using a JavaScript library with Blazor

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15 July 2019
A few weeks ago, Julian and I were discussing how it would be helpful to share different snippets of knowledge through a series of short webinars. This weeks presentation "Using a JavaScript library with Blazor" is the first of that series. We wanted to focus on common issues we had come across and the solutions discovered. The session will not be our typical 1 hour format, although we will definately still have a questions & answers segment.
So why a topic on Blazor?
Since Microsoft announced it's bold plan to allow C# developers the ability for building web UI's using the language syntax they are familiar with, we knew that our customers would be looking to us for quality commercial components. Back in April this year, we announced the DevExpress UI Blazor controls, which offered a chance to participate in the free Early Access Program (EAP) as well as a number of tutorials on our YouTube Channel - DevExpress Blazor video training course.
While putting together some sample projects we quickly determined that there are going to be use cases where an existing JavaScript library may be required. Julian is my go-to man for JavaScript questions and while asking his advise recently we thought it would be a great idea to look at how we handled a particular scenario.
Join us at 10am PDT Tuesday (July 16) as we take a look at implementing a 3rd party open-source JavaScript library in a simple server-side Blazor project. If you have not already registered for the webinar, you can click here and save your spot.

There are a number of prerequisites for creating your Blazor project, the main one being the use of Visual Studio 2019 Preview. For full instructions on how to set up your project please head over to our Blazor GitHub page.

As always, we would love to hear how you are adopting this new and exciting technology. Please leave a comment below or send us an email and share your thoughts.

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