Visual Studio 2013 + DevExpress = Production Ready !

19 October 2013

I’ve written before about my preference for using the latest versions of products, so it should come as no surprise that as soon as Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2013 was RTM for MSDN subscribers I jumped straight on and downloaded. I have been running the beta and RC versions but not as my main environment. Of course there are always major considerations when swapping to a new version of your main developer tools, the biggest question… will 3rd party tools work ??  Well the good news (at least for DX Customers) is YES, with only a couple of minor exceptions, the existing 13.1.7 build of our .NET products works already. The great news is that this coming week we will be releasing a minor update that has FULL support for VS2013 including an update for those customers still using 12.2.  Already this weekend, I have seen a local developer deploy two web site updates and a winforms app using Visual Studio 2013 and our 13.1 controls.

I know some developers have only recently switched to VS2012, so it again makes me raise the question.. what stops you from upgrading? 

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Robert Fuchs

Two problems so far:

1) The documentation does not install into VS 2013 at all.

2) Example runner does not offer VS 2013 as option.

19 October, 2013
Bradley Uffner

What are those "Minor Exceptions"?  I'm using VS 2013 with code-rush and refactor; I haven't noticed anything missing yet.

19 October, 2013
Marion (DevExpress Support)


1. Would you please install v13.1.8 when it is released and re-check the issue? If the problem persists, open a Support Center thread.

2. We are going to fix the Example Runner issue in the context if the following thread:

21 October, 2013

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