Building a Questionnaire with the DevExpress ASPxGridView control

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13 November 2014

A number of people have requested the source code that was used in the recent webinar "DevExpress ASP.NET GridView: Build a Questionnaire for Your Website". A zip file containing the project can be downloaded from here, however, there are a few things to point out. The solution contains references to the 14.1.8 version of the DevExpress component libraries, if you are running an earlier version then you will need to update the web.config and designer files accordingly. The SQL database that was used for the setup of 'Questions' was named "MyWeb" and features a table called "cQuestions", you will need to create this on your own instance of SQL Express (or similar)

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[cQuestions](
	[Question] [VARCHAR](1024) NULL,
	[IsSection] [BIT] NULL,
	[Id] ASC

When creating items in the Question Setup GridView, remember that the "Header" should be an integer or whole number, and the question should be a part, for example:

1  Your Experience (Heading)

1.1 Have you done development work prior to this webinar (Question)

If you would like to watch the webinar again, it is available on the DevExpress YouTube channel here.

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A Crawford
A Crawford


Thanks for the video.  Still having problems with my trial version.  I've gotten the latest versions but still having problems.  Sent to help desk. (T173539)

My real question is with the XAF framework in general.  I'm trying to do the Cross-Platform App.  When you do a web site, you place controls on the web page designer.  On a Win app, you place controls on a design surface.  But with XAF at the base module, there is no "design surface".  So where do you place the controls?  It looks like DevExpress has somehow generalized this function so you can apply the controls to the appropriate Win/Web forms. I can't figure out how you treat controls in this generalized case.  I've watched tons of videos and tutorials, and the presenters seem to ignore this basic question.  How do you move from real world designs in Win or Web to DevExpress base module thinking?

Does this question make sense?  I'm not explaining it well enough for the help desk to help me. I've been working with this DevExpress for about 3 weeks now.  Pretty soon the customer is going to say, "just do it the old way in a Web App".

14 November 2014
A Crawford
A Crawford


Not sure where you will respond, but my email is


14 November 2014
David Trommatter
David Trommatter
Where can I get the sample of this code for the questionaire?
11 May 2020
Paul Usher (DevExpress)
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

@David, updated code can be found here:

15 May 2020

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