DevExpress Grid for Xamarin Forms

20 March 2015

Unless you're visiting from another planet or have been living in a lava tube, you would know that Xamarin has become an established contender in the mobile application space. It wasn't long before our customers started asking 'when are you going to deliver controls for Xamarin Forms?'.  

While that is a straight forward question, the answer is a little more complicated. Developing components that work cross platform is not a trivial thing, and even before you consider the technical aspects, the more important question is ... "what components do you need?".  We took a long hard look at that and decided that a powerful grid control was the best place to start.

After months of hard work, I am pleased to be sharing that our DevExpress Grid for Xamarin Forms is close to release, and to mark the occasion Julian and I are going to present to the world the power and flexibility via a webinar on April 7. Use this link and register to secure your spot for this world first event.

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Geert Depickere

The link to the registration page does not work (web page not available).

21 March, 2015
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

Thank you, link has been corrected.

21 March, 2015
Edilson Junior

Will it impact in Devexteme development?

22 March, 2015
Anders Wang

Great news.

23 March, 2015
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

@Edilson The products are designed to address developers from different markets, just the same as DevExtreme targets a different group of people than DX Asp.Net or DX WPF, so no, our commitment to delivering Xamarin controls will not impact our DevExtreme development.

23 March, 2015
Junior Thurler

Great news, I've been this year to Tamarin Evolve and see the demo grid at DevExpress both. But it was just in the beginning of the product, and Yes! This is a great news !

24 March, 2015
Luiz A D R Marques

Quite excited to hear about this! I am currently undecided whether to go with RemObjects C#, full native or Xamarin. Controls from DevEx being available would be a major plus.

25 March, 2015

I am so thrilled by this! I can't wait to use it!

1 April, 2015
Stephanus van Staden (ENW)

So what about the Windows Phone version?

Why only support Android and iOS?

9 April, 2015
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

Thanks for your question, we definitely want to provide Windows Phone support so we appreciate your feedback. Just out of curiosity, what percentage of your customers are presently using a Windows Phone device?

11 April, 2015

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