Webinar–Is Data Too Hot To Handle?

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18 February 2016

Next week, Julian and I are going to kick off the 2016 Webinar Series with a look at handling data on mobile devices.

Regardless of the type of application you are building, data is important. It may be a scoreboard, most recently used list, user details, or an entire cached copy of the works of Shakespeare, but at some point you will want to store some local data. My number one rule for mobile development is “always design with offline in mind” which guarantees you will be storing something. What would seem like a trivial task is in fact quite a minefield due to the nature of hybrid development with JavaScript and mobile browsers. Armed with DevExtreme, Visual Studio and some real world examples we will take you through a number of different options for storing data on your device including:

  • consuming WebAPI data via a custom data store
  • Demystifying the custom data store
  • Out of the box data stores
  • auto-saving when switching apps
  • debugging remotely 

Spaces on the live webinar are limited, so register today to secure your spot.

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