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Getting Started with DevExtreme - Source Code

A short while ago, Julian and I presented a webinar on “Getting Started with DevExtreme” viewable here
The basis of the webinar was how to create a separation of concerns between your UI and data layer, this allows for a light weight client side interface instead of the original server side ASP.NET WebForms.  A number of people contacted me following the YouTube post asking for the source code, well, finally, here it is.

There are a few things I would like to point out, mainly that this code is provided as concept, due to the time constraints imposed on presenting ideas a number of ‘best practices’ are skipped, this includes securing the WebAPI. There are some helper classes also included in the code, these provide simple wrappers to safely load data from the tables, which were not set up with indexing and foreign key policies etc. In the HTML you will find some inline styles, these need to be moved to a style sheet. The final point is CORS, in the code I use wildcards to set the CORS attributes, this is *not* recommended, in fact I would say *don’t* do it in production!

The code has three parts to it

  1. The original WebForms project
  2. The WebAPI Project
  3. The DevExtreme Project

The sample data I used is included as a SQL Backup (PWSLive.bak) you should be able to use standard sql server methods to restore the file.

To download the code and database, click here.

The fist two are a single solution.  If you plan on running this locally you may also need to update the port number specified in the project settings. If you have any comments or questions, as always I’d love to hear from you.


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