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29 January 2017

Last week, Julian and I presented "Getting started with the DevExpress Diagram control", and the response was overwhelming. As promised, this week we will be digging deeper and looking at how to:

- Build diagrams programatically

- Import custom shapes via SVG

In addition I am going to look at some of the common questions that are processed through the Support Centre and give you a tour of methods, events and properties that are needed when working with the control in code. If you weren't able to join us last week the webinar is available on our DevExpress YouTube channel

Register today to reserve your spot.

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Bruno Cossi
Bruno Cossi

Just wanted to say that, since you have introduced support for data binding, your diagram control has moved from "how quaint" to "ruddy amazing"! Few minor niggles aside, it easily surpasses diagram controls from other companies who have had years to refine their products. Well done, DevExpress!

31 January 2017
Paul Usher (DevExpress)
Paul Usher (DevExpress)

Thank you Bruno, I have passed your kind comments on to the development team.

31 January 2017

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