Getting Started with DevExpress Dashboards – Q&A

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30 April 2018

We had almost 500 people live on the "Getting Started with Dashboards" presentation on Tuesday raising over 100 questions and unfortunately we ran out of time to answer them all. Here are some that we didn’t get to during the webinar – which is now available on our YouTube channel, please feel free to share it or to watch it again.

If  you’re new to our Dashboard products, we have a dedicated playlist here to help you get started.

Q: So basically can I add a dashboard to a Winforms page and interact with other data on that page?

A: Yes, DashboardDesigner/DashboardViewer is simply a WinForms control.

Q: We need datasource json (webservices) When will it be available?

A: We can not provide an exact time estimation, unfortunately, but in the meantime, we advise you to try using the ObjectDataSource – get data from json service with HttpClient and then pass it to dashboard.

Q: Can I filter outside of the dashboard…i.e. based on user accessing, I want to filter for their data.

A: Yes, you can subscribe to DataLoading events and filter data that way.

Q: Hi, it it possible to adjust column width and font size in Pivots mainly, and other modules as well, especially from the web designer for web view?

A: Yes, you may access the internal dxPivotGrid (which we use in the Web Dashboard) and configure it via code. This link should help:

Q: Can all dashboard elements be exported into excel? If not, which ones can

A: Yes! Every Dashboard Item can be exported into Excel. Filter Elements (List Box, Combo Box, TreeView) do not have Export UI, but can be exported using API.

Q: Is it possible to use the viewer somehow with a datastore on the server which is then securely accessed over something like WCF or CSLA. So without giving the database as datasource on the server open to the world.

A: Yes, the Web Dashboard works exactly in this way.

Q: Is the SQL Query builder you have been using available as a standalone control outside of the dashboard designer?

A: Yes, you can create using the following helper:

Q: Does the Web Dashboard display live data? So counts change on screen when data changes in the database…

A: The Web Dashboard displays historical data, but you can use API to refresh it.

Q: Can data displays on dashboard be based on a persons’ rights? If I have 20 customers, I only want them to see the data for their location, but I only want to design one dashboard.

A: Yes, you can handle the DataLoading event and customize your queries. Implementation details depend on your requirements, how you organize authentication and store your data.

Q: What about localizing the dashboard in the designer (set descriptions for multiple languages)? I assume for now it can only done from code.

A: Yes, localization of designed dashboard can be done via code only. And of course, DashboardViewer/Designer controls can be localized – buttons, tooltips etc.

Q: Is the dashboard available in angular?

A2: While we don’t have native angular support, you are still able to write your own Angular wrappers for our Web Dashboard Client Approach

Q: Hi! Is this available for Visual Studio for Mac?

A2: You will be able to develop the Dashboard app in Visual Studio for Mac using ASP.NET Core (it was a CTP in v17.2, and will officially release in v18.1).

Q: When will dashboards be supported for DevExtreme?

A2: We don’t have a native DevExtreme control, but you are still able to use it in your own client-side app

We are currently planning a follow on presentation for Dashboards, please leave a comment below if there is something specific you would like to see covered.

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