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10 December 2019

We’ve compiled a list of features we’re considering for our 2020 Reporting Roadmap. We encourage you to cast your vote for each item described below. We thank you for your time and consideration.

Table of Contents

Translate Report Documents to Different Languages

You’ll be able to provide different translations for report controls used within End-User Report Designer.

Report Designer - Localized Report

Parameter Enhancements

Bind JsonDataSource Parameters to Report Parameters

You’ll be able to pass report parameter values directly to JsonDataSource.

JSON Data Source - Parameter Bindings

Numeric Range Parameter

We’re going to extend range parameter capabilities to support integer and float values and provide a single editor in the parameters panel for these new options.

Numeric Range Parameter Editor

Parameter Editor Grouping

You’ll be able to logically group multiple report parameters in the parameter panel (display editors in a Group Box).

Select All Multi-Value Parameter Values By Default

You’ll be able to pre-select all values for a multi-value lookup parameter.

Visibility of Parameter Editors

You’ll be able to hide a parameter editor based on the value used for a different parameter.

Document Viewer, Report Designer, Query Builder - Complete 4K Display Support

We will address all known HighDPI/4K display issues in 2020. This includes extensive testing and Per Monitor Dpi Awareness Support.

Report & Dashboard Server - Object Data Source Support

You’ll be able to deploy a custom data access assembly and use its methods to provide data to reports and dashboards.

PDF Export - Visual Signatures

We hope to introduce visual signature support within exported PDF files via a new report control.

PDF Export - Visual Signature

PDF Export - The Ability to Generate Drop Down AcroForms

We want to extend the capabilities of Content Editing. We’d like to help you create and display drop down editors within the Print Preview. We will retain the editors and their data source values upon PDF file export.

PDF Export - Drop Down Acro Forms

Excel Export - Html-Inspired Content Support

We want to give you the ability to export reports that contain XRLabels with the AllowMarkupText property enabled to Excel (while preserving the content formatting).

XRLabel - Html-Inspire Content Formatting

Excel Export - RTF Content Support

We want to give you the ability to export reports to Excel files and preserve XRRichText content.

Excel Export - Memory Consumption Enhancements

We want to overhaul our Excel Export engine to consume less memory during the export process (for extremely large documents: >1M rows with image data).

RDLC Conversion Tool

We’d like to extend our import tool and allow you to convert your RDL / RDLC reports to DevExpress Reports.

Performance Enhancements

We will allocate significant resources to decrease memory consumption and increase the document generation speed.

Web Report Designer - Ribbon Toolbar

We want to replace the toolbar with a compact ribbon similar to that used in our ASP.NET Core Rich Text Editor component:

DevExpress Web Report Designer - Compact Ribbon

We’d like to hide the Actions panel and move its items to ribbon tabs (which will be control-specific, and selection driven - Action panel items replicate report control smart tags used in our Visual Studio Report Designer):

DevExpress Web Report Designer - Actions Panel

Document Viewer - Anchoring of Report Controls

The use of XRControl.AnchorHorizontal property will produce expected results when changing a report’s page settings (like orientation, paper kind and margins in Print Preview). The controls will be anchored to the specified side of a parent container.

Anchoring in Print Preview

New Barcode Types

We want to add support for the following barcode types:

  1. Pharmacode
  2. Aztec Code
  3. Maxicode 2D

Please tell us which of the following are most important to you:

Rounded Corners

We want to help you define a corner radius for XRLabel and XRPanel borders.

Embed PDF Documents into a Report Document

We want to give you the ability to insert a PDF file into a report and define its content boundaries within a document.

Report Designer - Script Editor Enhancements

We want to enhance the Script Editor in our Report Designer. Your feedback will help us finalize plans for 2020.

New Data Sources

Your Feedback Matters

Did we forget a feature important to your business? Please describe your requirements below:

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