Reporting - How to Use the Microsoft Azure Translator Text API to Localize Your Reports (v20.1)

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29 April 2020

In this post I’ll continue with a v20.1 topic I covered earlier – Reporting - Localization (v20.1). If you’ve not had the chance to read my previous blog post, you may want to review it before you proceed with this post. Alternatively, you can watch our YouTube Report Localization video for the same background info on new Localization-related features.

As the title of this blog posts suggests, I want to briefly explore report translation via Microsoft Azure Translator Text API - and point you to technical resources so you can automatically translate report strings/resources when using the DevExpress Web Report Designer.

Before I get into it, a quick word about Report Localization and why we chose Microsoft Azure Translator Text API. The answer is simple – we have a long-standing business relationship with Microsoft and we like Microsoft’s implementation. Countless other translation services exist, so you can apply our logic and incorporate your own should you wish.

Translating Text within the Web Report Designer

When a custom translation service is registered in the application, our Localization Editor displays a button next to the Language drop-down. The Web Report Designer collects all text strings displayed in the Localization Editor and sends a request to a translation service once a user clicks this button. This action translates all text strings to the selected language simultaneously:

Localization Editor - Translation Button

We’ve created an introductory video tutorial and a sample GitHub project to document implementation details. You can find the complete source code and a detailed technical tutorial in the following repository: How to Use the Microsoft Azure Translator Text API in Report Localization.

You can download the YouTube video script here: How to Use Azure Text Translator API to Localize Reports Video Script .

Hope you enjoy the video.

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