Angular: Native Report Viewer and Report Designer Integration

Reporting Team Blog
11 June 2024

DevExpress continues its commitment to client-side web frameworks. Recent efforts in this regard include the release of the DevExpress Angular Report Viewer — a component that was recently redesigned as a native Angular component...a component that offers straightforward customization and management of templates using native Angular tools.

Our native Angular Report Viewer does not rely on the Knockout JavaScript library. We implemented a simpler internal component design that allows components to be built on other JavaScript platforms with minimal code extensions (alongside improved typing and template handling).

For detailed instructions and to learn how our native Angular Report Viewer can optimize development workflows, please refer to the following help topic: Reporting for Angular

If you'd like to customize reports using our Angular Report Designer component, please review the following video. It demonstrates the ease with which you can integrate report design/customization in an Angular-powered web application.

The Future

As we move forward, our Native Angular Report Viewer will continue to evolve and offer additional Angular-specific enhancements across numerous usage scenarios. In our v24.1 release cycle (June 2024), we will introduce two new features: Toolbar Customization API and OnPush Change Detection Strategy. Learn more about this update in the following blog post: Native Angular Report Viewer — Toolbar Customization API and OnPush Change Detection Strategy Support.

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