WinForms TreeList: Bands and Conditional Formatting (Now available in v14.2)

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24 November 2014

If you've used our WinForms TreeList, you know that it's a multi-purpose, TreeView-Grid control, with the ability to display information as a TREE, a GRID, or a combination of both - in either data bound or unbound mode with full data editing support.

Our upcoming release will introduce Bands support for the TreeList Control. 

Bands are logical groups into which you can arrange columns and create tree-like structures (bands located at higher levels "contain" the bands located on lower levels). Just like our WinForms Grid, the number of TreeList Band levels is unlimited. The TreeList also support printing and data export (via the XtraPrinting Library).

WinForms TreeList Banded Columns

Bands allow you to create efficient layouts for complex datasets. Your users can hide, display and reorder entire column sets versus manual execution of the same operation on individual columns.

Design Time Experience

Like other DevExpress WinForms Controls, the TreeList ships with an integrated Designer, allowing you to add/delete Bands and modify TreeList settings as necessary.

WinForms TreeList Designer

Conditional Formatting

A couple of weeks ago, Don blogged about the upcoming Excel inspired conditional formatting capabilities of our Grid. This same feature will also ship inside the TreeList Control. Conditional Formatting allows you and your end-users to both sort data inside the TreeList AND to visualize selected cells with data bars, icons and predefined/custom appearance schemes.

WinForms TreeList Excel Inspired Conditional Formatting

The following comparison rules are fully supported by the TreeList:

  • Top / Bottom
  • Above / Below Average
  • Greater / Less Than
  • Value List
  • Unique / Duplicate

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these new features for the TreeList - Let me know what you think...

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Renaud Bompuis
Renaud Bompuis

Nice to see that the treeview is still getting some love. These enhancements are pretty cool, especially the conditional formatting.

25 November 2014
Mark Harby
Mark Harby

Looks good but I have never used this control.

Where would you select a TreeList instead of the full Grid control ?

25 November 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

@Mark - just depends on whether you need to display hierarchical data.

25 November 2014

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