WinForms Grid Control - Improved Column-Based Filtering Options Coming Soon in v16.2

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29 November 2016
Before I describe this new feature, let me thank those of you who voted for DevExpress in this year's Visual Studio Magazine Readers' Choice Awards. Our WinForms Grid was once again voted BEST in class (I believe that makes it 6 years in a row).

With that said, let's talk about our updated column-based filtering UX. As you can see in the following images, v16.2 ships with an entirely new and infinitely more flexible way to create filter criteria via our WinForms Grid's Excel-inspired column filter.

The UX is comprised of two individual tabs. The first allows you to construct a filter expression using a set of operators (Equals, Between, Contains, etc.). The second allows you to select values from a list (this is akin to our implementation in v16.1 and earlier). And yes, we automatically customize the filter based on column values (you can always override as necessary).

Date Filtering

With our new implementation, your user will now have a much easier way to shape data. The first tab offers you a set of Microsoft Outlook style predefined filters (Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, his Month, Next Month, etc). The second generates an Excel-like tree structure wherein you can select the exact date or filter by specific date, year or by month. Of course, we only generate the tree structure based on data contained within the grid.

WinForms Grid v16.2 Date Filter Dropdown

String Filtering

The first tab allows users to apply standard operators such as Begins with, Equals, Contains, etc. The second tab displays a checkbox list with all values stored in a column. Like our current implementation, users can select one or more values or use the search box there to narrow results.

WinForms Grid v16.2 String Filter Dropdown

Numeric Filter

As you'd expect, the Grid will allow users to filter via standard operators like or use the integrated trackbar to define a range of values.

WinForms Grid v16.2 Numeric Filter Dropdown

Last and certainly not least, we offer you a way to enable this filter across your entire app with a single line of code, enable it for a specific Grid or a specific column. 


If you're interested in learning more about this feature, feel free to email us at

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