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24 October 2018

Each new release introduces vector icon support in several new controls. For v18.2, here is the list:

  • BackstageViewControl and its items
  • RecentItemControl and its items
  • Context Buttons

With the relevance of vector icons growing all the time, we have received many requests for a rich collection of images. In v18.2, we ship an SVG Image Gallery with 32 categories packed with icons:

v18.2 SVG Image Gallery

As a side note, keep in mind that you can also create your own images with the Icon Builder! If you haven’t made the move to vector icons yet, now might be the time.

Vector Image Picker

No matter how pretty and technically advanced those vector icons are, it is still a time-consuming process to configure them for all your controls. We are streamlining things with our new Vector Image Picker, which can be docked as a panel anywhere in Visual Studio. To bring up the panel, use the item Image Picker… in the Smart Tag menu of the form.

Open the Image Picker Panel

The cool thing about docking the Image Picker is that you can drag icons directly onto controls, or activate them with a double-click. Even better, the Image Picker tracks selections in the designer, analyzes element captions and displays the most likely icons in the Suggestions category.

Selection-Based Suggestions

Currently you can drag icons to the following controls:

  • Bars
  • Ribbon
  • Simple Button
  • Office Navigation Bar
  • Windows UI Button Panel
  • Accordion Control
  • NavBar Control
  • Group Control
  • Label Control

Please leave a comment in case you require drag support for additional controls!

As always, your opinion matters!

Please tell us what you think. Do you already use SVG icons? Do you plan to migrate to SVG icons, or use them in your next project? Do you like the Image Picker features?

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