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16 September 2019

As you already know, our WinForms distribution includes two types of demo apps:

  • Simple demos and API Code examples. These modules showcase specific controls and associated features. The goal of these demos is to address specific tasks with our control libraries.
  • Sample Apps. These solutions integrate multiple DevExpress WinForms controls and illustrate how to introduce popular UI patterns and incorporate modern design methodologies with our products.

When it comes to sample apps, our goal is simple – we want to deliver a working template you can customize and/or extend with your own business logic. Over the years, we’ve built a handful of sample apps and though we’ve done our best to keep things simple, these projects have taken a life of their own. We know that a number of these apps (such as our “Outlook Inspired App”) are difficult to disassemble, as they include dozens of interconnected modules with relevant code hidden into helper classes.

To address this reality and reduce sample app complexity, we decided to create a new demo (Dental Clinic). The #1 objective of this project is to write as little code as possible and to create a relatively modern UX – a user experience that can be applied to different industries with minimal changes.

We will post detailed UI mock-ups in our next blog post. For now, here are a couple of preview images:

As I mentioned a moment ago, we will write a series of blog posts to describe the application in greater detail. We will explain how we chose/used specific DevExpress WinForms components and how we wired up internal logic.

Help Us Make the Best Possible Demo App

Our goal is to create a demo that will be helpful to all of you. You can participate in this process by joining our online forums. We want your thoughts on UI, security, MVVM and more. Your feedback will help us deliver a demo app that is easy to build and of value to multiple industries.

Please join the discussion using the links below:

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