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05 February 2021

A new month brings with it a new edition of eXpressApp Framework (XAF) Tips & Tricks. We certainly hope the information contained within will be of value as you explore and leverage the capabilities of our cross-platform UI application framework for .NET developers. As always, if you’ve come across any helpful XAF-related support tickets we may have inadvertently missed, please do share the links in the comment section below.

New to XAF or considering it for the first time? Please visit XAF’s product pages for introductory information on its built-in capabilities: Considerations for Newcomers | .NET Role-based Access Control API.

XAF's Blazor UI Updates

First, some long-awaited good news: XAF's Blazor UI v21.1 assemblies, demos and project templates will target .NET 5 instead of .NET Standard 2.1. This opens new capabilities, both for us and also for XAF users: CSS Isolation, new Microsoft Identity Web packages for the latest Azure Active Directory SDK, performance and debugging enhancements, and so on. For more information, please review these Microsoft articles: The future of .NET Standard | What's new in ASP.NET Core 5.0 | Migrate from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to 5.0. Also, please await our 2021 roadmap in the next blog post!

Updated Overview Video

New Example: Rich Text Editor

This example shows how to edit rich text documents, stored using the Office module, from within your XAF-powered Blazor apps.

ReportsV2 Module

New Example: Сhange Database at Runtime from the Logon Form

This example shows how to connect your application to another database after the application has already started. As a case in point, this could be required for a multi-tenant SaaS application where you need to connect a user or company to their own database with the same structure.

Text Notifications

The following help topic describes how to show and customize notifications in Blazor applications: Text Notifications.

Security System Updates

Interesting Support Tickets & Resolved Issues

Updated KB Articles

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