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Blazor WebAssembly — Authorize EF Core CRUD Operations and Download Reports with OData Web API
XAF v23.1 EAP — Runtime Customization, No Code and Usability Enhancements for Blazor UI
Blazor WebAssembly — AOT Compilation and Link Trimming (v22.2)
Blazor v23.1 — June 2023 Roadmap
XAF v23.1 — June 2023 Roadmap (Cross-Platform .NET App UI & Web API Service)
Blazor Reporting — Quick Start with New Project Templates (v22.2)
Blazor Toolbar — Data Binding (v22.2)
Blazor Accordion — Single Selection (v22.2)
Blazor Grid — Export Data to Excel (v22.2)
Blazor — New Window Component (v22.2)
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