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Blazor - New Grid (Official Release)
XAF - 2022 Roadmap (Cross-Platform .NET App UI & API Services)
Blazor UI – 2022 Roadmap
Office File API & Office-Inspired UI Controls – 2022 Roadmap
Blazor Navigation and Layout - Menu Data Binding, Context Menu Templates, and new Tabs Scroll Modes (v21.2)
Localizing Your DevExpress-powered .NET App – Complete the Survey to Help Shape Our Development Strategy
Blazor Components - 2022 Survey
XAF - New Grid List Editor, Survey on the Main Menu Toolbar and End-User Layout Designer in Blazor UI
Blazor Scheduler - New Templates, Cell Customization, Adaptivity, and more (available in v21.2)
Blazor Rich Text Editor - Localization and Text Customization Enhancements (v21.2)
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