Blazor UI - 2021 Roadmap

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22 February 2021

This Roadmap was updated on November 24, 2021.

Before I detail our 2021 Roadmap for the DevExpress UI for Blazor, my thanks to everyone who shared feedback/thoughts last year. Your contribution is appreciated.

In this post, I’ll summarize our Blazor UI release plans for 2021. Should you have any questions about the products/features listed herein, feel free to submit your comments/questions below.

The information contained within this blog post details our current/projected development plans. Please note that this information is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and does not represent a binding commitment on the part of Developer Express Inc. This roadmap and the features/products listed within it are subject to change. You should not rely on or use this information to help make a purchase decision about Developer Express Inc products.

New Components

DevExpress Office Controls

Available in v21.2

DevExpress Blazor Reporting

Postponed until 2022

  • Blazor Spreadsheet - Excel inspired user experiences/capabilities for your next Blazor web app.

    We have postponed the official release of our Blazor Spreadsheet component. We expect to release this product in 2022.

Navigation, Editors, & More

Available in v21.1

  • Masked Input - Controls with text fields (Blazor Text Box, Blazor ComboBox, etc) will support custom Masks (to help you control/manage user input).

DevExpress Blazor Data Editor - Masked Input

    Postponed until 2022

    • File Manager - We're creating a new Blazor File Manager component to manage remote file system using standard file management operations.
    • New Dialogs - We're adding three new dialogs to our Blazor component suite: Confirmation, Alert, and an Error dialog.
    • DropDownEdit - The Drop Down Edit component will be able to display custom content within its list.
    • Binary Image - The Binary Image component will allow you to display image data. You can bind this component to a property that contains images.
    • Accordion - The Accordion UI component will allow you to display collapsible content panels when presenting information in a limited amount of space. Use the Accordion component for side navigation and organize items into groups.
    • Sidebar - With our new Sidebar component, you’ll be able to add a sidebar to your app and (located alongside the main display area) display relevant information or navigation options.


    Available in v21.2

    This year, we plan to introduce a Blazor Dashboard component. This new component will simplify how you add our Web Dashboard control to your Blazor application and bind it to your backend.

    To learn more about the enhancements we’ll make for DevExpress Dashboards, please refer to the following post: DevExpress Dashboard - 2021 Roadmap.

    Common Enhancements

    Available in v21.1

    • Bootstrap 5 Support - Bootstrap 5 should be released in early 2021. Rest assured, our v21.1 Blazor components will support Bootstrap 5.

    Available in v21.2

    • Content Security Policy Support - We expect to add support for the Content-Security-Policy header. With it, you'll be able to restrict resources such as JavaScript, CSS, etc (pretty much anything that the browser loads). Refer to the following page for more information:
    • New Dark Theme - We will introduce a new dark theme for our Blazor components.


    • We postpone Right To Left support and Accessibility Support. We will announce it when we include it to our plans.

    New Data Grid

    In Development

    We introduced an entirely new Blazor Data Grid component in our v21.1 release cycle. Please refer to this post to learn more and see our grid-related development plans for Blazor.

    Data Editors

    Available in v21.1

    • ComboBox Drop-down Auto Position
    • On Demand Data Loading - for our Blazor List Box, Combo Box, and Tag Box. Items that are not currently displayed can be loaded dynamically (based on end-user action). As you would expect, this capability will help improve page load speed.
    • Focus an Editor in Code

    Available in v21.2

    • Item Template in Editors - Our List Box, Tag Box and Combo Box components will include a new template region. You will be able to display custom information within it as necessary (will include support for an image within the input box


    • Custom Text Editor Buttons - Our Blazor text editors will have built-in action buttons that allow users to open a drop-down menu, increase, decrease, or nullify the value, and perform other actions.
    • List Box - The DevExpress Blazor ListBox will allow you to bind a value field to a single data object.


    Available in v21.1

    • Timeline - The DevExpress Blazor Scheduler will ship with a new Timeline View. The timeline will display appointments/events as horizontal bars along its timescale. This new UI paradigm will give end-users a clearer picture of upcoming/past events.
    • Month view - A new Month View will allow your end users to view appointments by month. This view will position days one after another horizontally (so that they form weeks, while weeks are placed one under another).

    DevExpress Blazor Scheduler

    Available in 21.2

    • Adaptivity Enhancements - We expect to improve rendering for mobile browsers.


    Available in v21.1

    • Zooming and Scrolling - We expect to improve zooming and scrolling operations. The Chart control will aggregate data and hide excessive points when you zoom out.
    • Display format in Series Label - Will allow you to assign custom display formats to any series label.
    • Series Label Customization - Will allow you to change the look and feel of a series label or create custom labels.


    To learn more about all the enhancements we expect to make to our Blazor Reporting platform, please refer to the following post: DevExpress Reporting - 2021 Roadmap. New 2021 features will include:

    Available in v21.1

    • New Blazor Report Viewer
    • Export To PDF - Tagged PDF
    • Web Report Designer - Support for Multi-Tenant and/or Multi-User Scenarios
    DevExpress Blazor Reporting

    Available in v21.2

    • Web Report Designer - Cross-Tab


    • Runtime Report Generation - New Fluent API

    Popup Control

    Available in v21.1

    • API Enhancements
      • Manage open and close actions
      • Control z-index
      • Set custom display position
      • Assign popup window size

    Available in v21.1

    • Multiple Popup Windows

    Available in v21.2

    • Non-Modal State Support


    Available in v21.1

    • Content Lazy Loading support - This new feature will allow you to specify whether to load tab content immediately or when a tab is activated.

    Available in v21.2

    • Navigation (previous and next)/scroll buttons for desktop and horizontal scrolling for mobile devices when there are a lot of tabs
    • Adaptivity support


    Available in v21.1

    • Data Binding Support - You'll be able to populate Blazor Menu items from a database.

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