Web and ASP.NET Core Reporting 2019 Roadmap – Your Vote Counts

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25 December 2018

Please take a moment to review our list of planned features for our Web Reporting product line and vote for those you’d like to see us deliver in 2019.

Web Report Designer

We hope to introduce the following new features in our v19.1 release cycle:

  • Bind a report to JSON data using the Data Source Wizard.
  • Add Vertical Reports to the Report Wizard.
  • Give you the ability to customize the Report and Data Source Wizard (insert new pages and customize the appearance of existing reports).
  • A new way to create cross-tab reports using report bands and controls instead of XRPivotGrid. This will allow you to use expression bindings to calculate data and define the appearance of each visual element within a cross-tab report without writing code.
  • Give you the ability to combine multiple reports within the Report Designer, allow you to define print order and print all as a single document. This will address limitations associated with report merging (which is only available at runtime).

We want to extend the Web Report Designer’s capabilities with the following enhancements in our v19.2 release cycle. Review the list below and vote for the feature you’d like to see us introduce late next year.

Bind a Report to ObjectDataSource

You’ll be able to use this data source type in the Data Source Wizard to bind a report to a collection of business objects.

Edit XRRichText Content

You’ll be able to use an in-place editor to edit RTF content.

Customize Column and Table Names in the Query Builder

You’ll be able to provide meaningful column and table names and display them in the Query Builder.

Report Controls

In 19.1 we plan to extend the capabilities of our report controls as follows:

We hope to implement one of the following enhancements in v19.2. Review the list below and vote for the feature you’d like see us introduce late next year.

Print Markdown content

You’ll be able to pass Markdown markup to a special report control. This control will convert the content to HTML when printing or exporting the report document.

Gradient Backgrounds for XRLabel, XRTableCell and XRPanel

You’ll be able to define the start and end gradient point, select two colors and define the gradient direction for a report control’s background.

Rounded Corners for XRLabel, XRPanel and XRTable

You’ll be able to define corner radius for the borders of these controls.

ASP.NET Core Reports

In addition to several highly requested features, we will port our XRRichText report control to .NET Core platform so you can display RTF / HTML content within a report.

We also considering the following enhancements. Cast your vote for a feature you’d like to see us introduce late next year.

Translate Report Documents to Different Languages

You'll be able to provide different translations for report controls.

Localize Web Document Viewer and Web Report Designer using Localization Service

You’ll be able to translate Web Document Viewer and Web Report Designer user interface elements using the DevExpress Localization Service and download a JSON file with translations for your web page.

If you have a specific need that we’ve not addressed in this blog post, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at reportingteam@devexpress.com. It would also help us if you could answer a question in this survey.

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