Reporting Team (DevExpress)

DevExpress Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET — Upcoming Features (v22.2) — Custom Controls, Functions, and Database Providers
Reporting — Create a Vite-Powered Web App
Reporting — How to Manage Report Data Sources at Runtime
Reporting — Enhanced Document Viewer for WinUI (v22.1)
Reporting — Conditional Cell Visibility, New Summaries, and HTML-Inspired Text Formatting for Cross-Tab (v22.1)
Reporting — Report Design Analyzer Enhancements (v22.1)
Reporting — Server-side Filtering of Cascading Parameters, EF Core 6 Support, Stored Procedures with Multiple Data Tables, and More (v22.1)
Reporting — Material Design Support for Web Apps (v22.1)
Reporting — No-Code Parameters Panel Layout Customization (v22.1)
DevExpress Reports Roadmap — What You Can Expect in v22.1
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