WinForms — HTML & CSS Templates: New Controls (v22.2)

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27 July 2022

The HTML & CSS Templates are quickly becoming yet another pillar of our WinForms product line. And rightfully so: this unique feature takes UI customization to an entirely new level (and opens up extraordinary design opportunities for your enterprise). Of course, we're still at the beginning stages of this exciting journey. A lot remains to be done.

In this post, I’ll give you a sneak peek into our upcoming release plans and show you what we expect to implement by year’s end in regards to HTML & CSS Templates.

New Controls and Components

Mass adoption of our WinForms HTML & CSS Templates will require us to deliver support for more DevExpress WinForms UI components. We totally understand this reality, and expect to extend template support across our WinForms control library. While we want to extend HTML & CSS Template support to all of our products, our strategy is to focus first on components that stand to benefit most from this capability.

The DevExpress WinForms Accordion Control remains the last piece of the traditional form layout puzzle that does not support web-inspired templates (given that both client area controls and toolbars - implemented via the HtmlContentControl - already do). With HTML & CSS Templates, you'll be able to design this crucial navigation control so that it fully matches the rest of your template-powered app.

Another area where applying web-inspired design techniques makes perfect sense is pop-up windows: messages, dialogs, splash screens, and tooltips. We took the first step in this direction with the release of our WinForms Alert Control. We expect to introduce template support for other user interaction tools in v22.2.

Once again, we expect to implement template support for other UI elements/controls, and will prioritize development based on your feedback.

Tell Us What You Think

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