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  • Video: CodeRush Guitar Code Challenge at PDC 2009

    Do you remember the challenge Mark Miller laid down for this year’s PDC conference? Yes, that insane challenge where he would use an XBOX guitar and no keyboard! Check out this video of Mark Miller at PDC 2009 as he took on all kinds of challengers: I was expecting many more winners since Mark had crippled...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 12/16/2009
    Filed under: Video, Refactor, CodeRush, DXCore, PDC 2009
  • Mark Miller Will Beat You With a Guitar!

    Check out this 8 minute Mark Miller video interview where he discusses: How he got an Xbox Guitar working with Visual Studio The coding challenge at the DevExpress booth during Microsoft’s PDC 2009 Click the image below and watch the video to learn why I’m so excited to see this in action...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 10/20/2009
    Filed under: screencast, Video, Refactor, CodeRush, Interview, PDC 2009
  • Rock Out With CodeRush At PDC 2009

    Using CodeRush will make you a faster and better developer. That’s Mark Miller’s mantra and the reason why he does such great CodeRush demos. Because you can see the proof in the pudding. Mark also loves a good challenge. So at this year’s Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference, you can challenge...
    Posted to The Final Cut - Jeff Cosby's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Jeff Cosby (DevExpress) on 10/15/2009
    Filed under: Bloopers, Comedy, Outtakes, Video, CodeRush, Funny, Humor, PDC, DevExpressChannel, PDC 2009 Mark Miller CodeRush Promotion Guitars, PDC 2009

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