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  • WinForms Rating Control: Now Shipping

    If you’ve been waiting around for a good WinForms Rating control, then you’re in luck with the current release of DevExpress WinForms Gauges. The XtraGauges Suite . Featuring the ability to connect with several input controls like a radio group or a slider, the Rating control has sharp graphics and versatility...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 6/16/2009
    Filed under: DXperience, Features, Gauges, v2008.3, Rating
  • Sneak Peek: New ASP.NET Rating Control

    One of the reasons I’m excited about the upcoming 2009 Volume 2 release of DXperience is the new ASP.NET Rating control which allows your website visitors to rate content on your site, just like rating a movie on or The ASPxRatingControl supports 3 precision display types...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 6/15/2009
    Filed under: ASPxperience, DXperience, Features, ASP.NET, v2009.2, ASPxRatingControl, Rating

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