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  • Perception, deception, reception

    This past few work days have been up and down. It's a bit like the old joke that starts off with "I have some good news and bad news..." and then gives us the bad news, and then the good, the joke being that the good news is worse than the bad but in a different way. Well, I'm going...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 8/28/2007
    Filed under: UI, DXperience, support, ASP.NET, quality
  • NDepend's UI: DXperience to the rescue

    Following on from my post on automated refactoring tools , I was going to talk a bit about how modern IDEs should be providing more analytical type services for your code, rather than the usual "here's an editor, go for it" paradigm with the only analysis being the compile. One of the analytic...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 8/13/2007
    Filed under: NDepend, UI, DXperience

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