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  • XPO – 11.1 Sneak Peek - WCF services for IObjectLayer

    In the two previous blog posts, we already described how to provide the IDataStore and ICachedDataStore implementations, working via WCF Services. In this blog post, we will talk about implementing a distributed object layer service ( IObjectLayer/ISerializableObjectLayer ), working via WCF. Creating...
    Posted to XPO (Weblog) by Dennis (DevExpress Support) on 5/17/2011
    Filed under: XPO, 11.1, IDataStore, WCF, distributed applications, service, v2011 vol1, v2011.1, ISerializableObjectLayer, IObjectLayer
  • XPO – 11.1 Sneak Peek – IDataStore WCF Service in Silverlight

    In this blog post we will talk about peculiarities of using IDataStore WCF services in Silverlight projects. As you guess, the main restriction is that all inquiries should be performed asynchronously or rather should not block the UI thread. Let’s extend the solution from the WCF services for IDataStore...
    Posted to XPO (Weblog) by Dennis (DevExpress Support) on 5/16/2011
    Filed under: XPO, 11.1, IDataStore, WCF, v2011 vol1, asynchronous, SL, Silverlight, v2011.1
  • XPO – 11.1 Sneak Peek - Profile it!

    Introduction We have one more amazing piece of news for our XPO customers. In version v2011 vol 1, we have implemented XPO Profiler - an external profiling tool for XPO-based business applications, allowing you to track internal events in the underlying XPO layer, such as session methods calls and database...
    Posted to XPO (Weblog) by Dennis (DevExpress Support) on 5/4/2011
    Filed under: XPO, SQL, 11.1, performance, profiling tool, bottleneck, v2011 vol1, v2011.1

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