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20 December 2018

Note that this roadmap does not cover all DevExpress WinForms UI products. The following product teams will conduct separate surveys:

Please take a moment to review our planned features for 2019 and vote for those you’d like to see us implement.

.NET Core 3 Support

The preview version of .NET Core 3 support is already available, and we’re working on an official release. More details to come…Stay tuned!

WinForms Gantt Control

We’ve heard you loud and clear. We are planning to release a WinForms Gantt Control in our v19.2 release cycle.

Pivot Grid - DirectX support

The DevExpress WinForms Pivot Grid will be able to render data using our DirectX engine. This will significantly boost performance, especially on High DPI displays.

WinForms Data Grid

We are confident that our WinForms Grid is the best product in its class. This fact notwithstanding, we do hope to incorporate the following new features in our v19.1 release cycle:

  • Enhancements to our TileView including support for multiple tile selection, ability to modify individual tile height and use of AdornerUIManager Badges.
  • A dynamic conditional format that visualizes changes to Grid records and their values on the fly.
  • A new Excel-style menu value selector for DateTime columns based on our Range Control.

To help us finalize our plans for v19.2, please review the following list and cast your vote for the feature(s) you’d like see us introduce late next year.

Enhancements to the Grid’s Find Panel

  • Exact search without the need to use quotation marks
  • Substitute default filter criteria
  • HTML text highlighting

Range Filtering for Numeric Data

Select a required data range and instantly compare matching records to the entire range. See preview

Breadcrumb-like Filter Panel

Extend the filter panel and make it more intuitive/easier to use (display filter expressions using “breadcrumb” blocks that represent individual filter conditions). See preview

WinForms Data Editors

Next year, we plan to add simple edit functionality to the Picture Edit control: your users will be able to rotate and crop images at runtime. The following is a list of additional features/products being considered for 2019.

New Control - Step Progress Bar

A control that displays step-by-step progress and supports various point types and feedback animation. See preview

LookUp - Dynamic Suggestions

Similar to web search engines, WinForms Lookup Editors will asynchronously locate and suggest values that match text entered by end-users.

CameraControl - DirectX-powered video streaming & IP Camera support

With DirectX engine support, the Camera Control will be able to stream video at the highest possible resolution, even on high-res 4K displays. We are also considering support of Internet Protocol cameras.

LabelControl - Icon font support

With multiple font support, you can use icon fonts to display any number of icons next to text. See preview

WinForms Visual Enhancements

We remain fully committed to the WinForms platform and hope to ship the following UI-related features in 2019.

  • Project Settings palette editor: customize vector skin palettes (swatches) directly from Project Settings - no need to modify your skins in the Skin Editor or create custom palettes in code.
  • DirectX-based transition effects for our TransitionManager. This will combine blazing-fast performance with elegant appearance options.
  • Compact Layout mode: a new Project Settings option that reduces paddings and/or margins for all “skin-able” controls. This will allow data-intensive applications to display more information on-screen.
  • Gradient fill support for SVG icons and vector skins.
  • SVG Icon Builder will allow you to load custom icons and customize them as needed.

We are also considering adding Acrylic Material effects in our popup menus and Flyout Panels. Would you utilize this feature, were we to implement it?

WinForms Navigation UI

In 2019 we will add application menus to form title bars: the WinForms Toolbar Manager component will be able to use the XtraForm title bar region to display its items (including the Main Menu toolbar) like Visual Studio 2019. You can also expect new Office 2019 features like tab header area buttons, and a Search item that allows end-users to quickly locate required commands without looking for it among all Ribbon tabs.

If you have other ideas, feel free to leave us a comment.

WinForms TreeList

We will extend the WinForms TreeList’s capabilities with the following new features:

If you have other ideas or have specific TreeList related needs, feel free to leave us a comment.

WinForms Scheduler

Last year we've released a new event storage component for our WinForms Scheduler and implemented Appointment synchronization between the Scheduler and Google Calendars. Major Scheduler-related features planned for v19.1 include:

  • The ability to remove specific time intervals from the Timeline View.
  • Appointment slots for office hours, meeting availability, etc.: time cells with unique appearance characteristics and optional restrictions on edit operations.

To help us finalize our plans for v19.2, please review the following list and cast your vote for the feature(s) you’d like see us introduce late next year.

Display Resources as Tabs (much like Microsoft Outlook)

Display resources as separate tabs so end-users can group, re-arrange and close them as needed. See preview

Outlook-inspired Search

An Outlook-inspired search bar that automatically locates matching appointments and displays them as a list. See preview

Year view

A new Year View that compliments our existing Day, Week, and Month Views. See preview

Timeline View - Pixel Scrolling

Specify custom resource height within the Timeline View. See preview

Enhanced Clipboard Operations (copy and paste appointments from Outlook)

Free DevExpress Products - Get Your Copy Today

The following free DevExpress product offers remain available. Should you have any questions about the free offers below, please submit a ticket via the DevExpress Support Center at your convenience. We'll be happy to follow-up.
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