Windows Forms 2019 Roadmap – Your Vote Counts

20 December 2018

Note that this roadmap does not cover all DevExpress WinForms products. The following product teams will conduct separate surveys:

Please take a moment to review our planned features for 2019 and vote for those you’d like to see us implement.

.NET Core 3 Support

The preview version of .NET Core 3 support is already available, and we’re working on an official release. More details to come…Stay tuned!

WinForms Gantt Control

We’ve heard you loud and clear. We are planning to release a WinForms Gantt Control in our v19.2 release cycle.

Pivot Grid - DirectX support

The DevExpress Pivot Grid will be able to render data using our DirectX engine. This will significantly boost performance, especially on High DPI displays.

WinForms Data Grid

We are confident that our WinForms Grid is the best product in its class. This fact notwithstanding, we do hope to incorporate the following new features in our v19.1 release cycle:

  • Enhancements to our TileView including support for multiple tile selection, ability to modify individual tile height and use of AdornerUIManager Badges.
  • A dynamic conditional format that visualizes changes to Grid records and their values on the fly.
  • A new Excel-style menu value selector for DateTime columns based on our Range Control.

To help us finalize our plans for v19.2, please review the following list and cast your vote for the feature(s) you’d like see us introduce late next year.

Enhancements to the Grid’s Find Panel

  • Exact search without the need to use quotation marks
  • Substitute default filter criteria
  • HTML text highlighting

Range Filtering for Numeric Data

Select a required data range and instantly compare matching records to the entire range. See preview

Breadcrumb-like Filter Panel

Extend the filter panel and make it more intuitive/easier to use (display filter expressions using “breadcrumb” blocks that represent individual filter conditions). See preview

WinForms Data Editors

Next year, we plan to add simple edit functionality to the Picture Edit control: your users will be able to rotate and crop images at runtime. The following is a list of additional features/products being considered for 2019.

New Control - Step Progress Bar

A control that displays step-by-step progress and supports various point types and feedback animation. See preview

LookUp - Dynamic Suggestions

Similar to web search engines, look-up editors will asynchronously locate and suggest values that match text entered by end-users.

CameraControl - DirectX-powered video streaming & IP Camera support

With DirectX engine support, the Camera Control will be able to stream video at the highest possible resolution, even on high-res 4K displays. We are also considering support of Internet Protocol cameras.

LabelControl - Icon font support

With multiple font support, you can use icon fonts to display any number of icons next to text. See preview

WinForms Visual Enhancements

We remain fully committed to the WinForms platform and hope to ship the following UI-related features in 2019.

  • Project Settings palette editor: customize vector skin palettes (swatches) directly from Project Settings - no need to modify your skins in the Skin Editor or create custom palettes in code.
  • DirectX-based transition effects for our TransitionManager. This will combine blazing-fast performance with elegant appearance options.
  • Compact Layout mode: a new Project Settings option that reduces paddings and/or margins for all “skin-able” controls. This will allow data-intensive applications to display more information on-screen.
  • Gradient fill support for SVG icons and vector skins.
  • SVG Icon Builder will allow you to load custom icons and customize them as needed.

We are also considering adding Acrylic Material effects in our popup menus and Flyout Panels. Would you utilize this feature, were we to implement it?

WinForms Navigation UI

In 2019 we will add application menus to form title bars: the BarManager component will be able to use the XtraForm title bar region to display its items (including the Main Menu toolbar) like Visual Studio 2019. You can also expect new Office 2019 features like tab header area buttons, and a Search item that allows end-users to quickly locate required commands without looking for it among all Ribbon tabs.

If you have other ideas, feel free to leave us a comment.

WinForms TreeList

We will extend the TreeList’s capabilities with the following new features:

If you have other ideas or have specific TreeList related needs, feel free to leave us a comment.

WinForms Scheduler

Last year we've released a new event storage component for our Scheduler and implemented Appointment synchronization between the Scheduler and Google Calendars. Major Scheduler-related features planned for v19.1 include:

  • The ability to remove specific time intervals from the Timeline View.
  • Appointment slots for office hours, meeting availability, etc.: time cells with unique appearance characteristics and optional restrictions on edit operations.

To help us finalize our plans for v19.2, please review the following list and cast your vote for the feature(s) you’d like see us introduce late next year.

Display Resources as Tabs (much like Microsoft Outlook)

Display resources as separate tabs so end-users can group, re-arrange and close them as needed. See preview

Outlook-inspired Search

An Outlook-inspired search bar that automatically locates matching appointments and displays them as a list. See preview

Year view

A new Year View that compliments our existing Day, Week, and Month Views. See preview

Timeline View - Pixel Scrolling

Specify custom resource height within the Timeline View. See preview

Enhanced Clipboard Operations (copy and paste appointments from Outlook)

43 comment(s)
cedrus bank

1. "Exact search without the need to use quotation marks" would be awesome as users struggle to understand the use of 'quotation marks' to get an exact search result.

2. Another good suggestion already implemented by us is the ability to customize grid columns where users can change the column captions, format, & auto-filter condition without any custom code.

20 December, 2018
Uwe Porsch

For me one of the most important new things I want to see is better support for SVG. Means I want gradient and text support in the svg file.

And also important and really missing is transparent background support in controls (like grid) when DirectX is used. In most of my apps I can't use DirectX as I use transparent Background in Grids.

20 December, 2018
Daniel Hüttenberger

Another enhancement would be the AND search like.

We have the option in WPF but not in Winforms. None of my user can find a customer in my application with an OR search. Do you search for  Jon OR Doe?? Or do you search for a customer whose Name is John AND Doe??

20 December, 2018

Scheduler search would be by far the one I would want to see from this list.  Will make a lot of our customers happy!

20 December, 2018
Christopher Jay

I've been using a custom Find panel in an inherited grid control for years because it all started with the need for being able to perform searches without quotation marks.  It will be good to have this natively built-in for new developers using DX so they don't need to implement custom logic like I had to.

20 December, 2018

I would like to see all of the suggestions for the Scheduler implemented.

20 December, 2018
John Fedak

Please fix the column autofit performance in the PivotGrid- this is the only control left that you can't limit the rows/cells used in the bestfit algorithm

20 December, 2018
John Fedak

Please fix the column autofit performance in the PivotGrid- this is the only control left that you can't limit the rows/cells used in the bestfit algorithm

20 December, 2018
Mark Bissett 1

Mapping Control Improvements - Loading geo-tagged images such as aerial photos is a must followed closely by line and area measuring tools please.

21 December, 2018
Simon Hewitt

I am with Uwe - I would prefer time spent on *complete* SVG support over probably all of the suggestions.

Why are we limited to radio buttons for voting?

21 December, 2018
Uwe Keim

For me, a larger font size in all the themes would be feature #1.

22 December, 2018
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)


It's already possible to increase the font size in all themes at once using the Project Settings Page. Have you tried this approach?

23 December, 2018
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

HI Simon

It's a function of resources. This is not a comprehensive list and we will deliver many small enhancements in addition to those listed here throughout 2019. The survey is meant to articulate the fact that we can't do everything simultaneously. An opportunity cost exists for every feature.

Many WinForms users have been asking us to deliver a Gantt control. We are going to commit to this, but the opportunity cost for this control is very large.

24 December, 2018
Sigurd Decroos _

Full SVG support please.

Support for badges in Tabbed Layoutgroups

Timeline view like Facebook and similar websites.

25 December, 2018

Hi guys

Just wanted to say if we could please include the ability to read Geotiff or raster files with auto projection and with ability to read the raster info (not based map tiles) within the mapcontrol that would be fantastic. This is something that would greatly benefit a lot your customers I am sure and is the only thing today that is missing from your great Mapcontrol in my view.


25 December, 2018
Konstantin Balashov

+1 for Kanban control

26 December, 2018
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)


We already provide the Kanban Board functionality via our GridControl:

Kanban Board

Have you given it a try?

28 December, 2018

+1 for Full SVG Support.  At minimum, the designer should report errors when selecting a file.  As it stands, I see errors reported at runtime instead, which is really painful.  I would live with a converter tool that validates an SVG and converts it for compatibility, if that were available.

9 January, 2019
Moritz B.

DateTimeOffset-support for winforms and god's sake!

9 January, 2019
Nicolas Zaragoza 2


When an ORM model gets huge, finding a XPOobject in ORM diagram could be tricky using only scroll bars, maybe if you would implement a search panel would be marvelous!!!

9 January, 2019
Nicolas Zaragoza 2


Another thing that would be great is that the GanttChart (Project fashioned) only available for WPF could be available for WinForms as well.

Thank you!!!!

9 January, 2019

A feature i like to see in e.g. the panel control is transparancy.

9 January, 2019
Emanuel De Sousa

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Win Forms Scheduler Control Improvements. (We've been waiting 7 long, painful and hard years :( )

We have removed the standard recurring and we create normal appointments to make things faster. We have customers that have more than 10 calendars side by side in day view and due to recurring to load a single day it could take up to 20 secs (With our changes it now is sub 1 sec) to refresh those calendars.

We would like to be able to load normal and recurring appointments separately  so that we can manage the recurring in memory and when we require the recurring for a specific day it can be accessed directly from memory which would immensely improve the performance of the calendar.

We would like to add XPO objects to the collection individually as and when required to avoid a full refresh, at the moment we have this capability in the Grid view but doesn't work with the scheduler control.

Winforms Label Control - Ability to select text like outlook WITH HTML formatting

Winforms Token Edit Control - Adding multiple tokens is painfully slow

9 January, 2019
Guido Geurts

how about fixing some elementary things, like

- case unsensivite LocateByValue in the GridView,  (annoying missing feature)

- being able to set the zoomfactor in the map control (annoying missing feature)

- delete columns from designer.cs when deleting them from the gridview in designer (bug)

- prevent the grid from making the prior column active when pressing enter (bug imho)

- prevent the DateEdit from creating invalid dates (big bug)

and lots of other small but annoying bugs that i have registered but still not fixed...

Something new I would like is to be able to refresh one row in a gridview, I believe Delphi's ClientDataSet is able to do this since 2002. Would be nice to have this in dotnet also

Something I really dream about, but probably has to be made by microsoft, is a DataModule like Delphi has.

9 January, 2019
Guido Geurts

About my prior comment I made an error

It is not when pressing Enter that the prior column is focused in the gridview,

but when you press enter to go in edit mode, and the full text is selected, pressing arrow left will leave this column and go to the prior column. In other words, once you are editing and you have the full text selected, there is no way for the user anymore to edit the content of this cell anymore.  He HAS to click on the cell once with the mouse before he can continue editing !

Try this in windows explorer (using F2 to rename). If you have the full text selected, arrow left will simply stop the selection and go one character to the left, so you can edit the value. This is standard windows behavior I would like to see in the GridView also

10 January, 2019

Do you plan to build a multi-column version of ComboBox?Very useful for the end userThank you and good luck for your future workcordially

10 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)


Thank you for sharing the idea. We will consider improving our SVG image picker to indicate if some unsupported tags are found. Also, there shouldn't be any runtime exceptions in the latest version. Would you please submit a support ticket and send the problematic image to us?

10 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)

@Nicolas Zaragoza

Yes, we are planning to release a WinForms Gantt Control in v19.2.

10 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)

Would you please elaborate on your scenario? Can you detail how you expect to use this feature were we to release it?

10 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)

@Emanuel De Sousa

We are constantly working on the Scheduler performance - we solved a lot of known problems in our new SchedulerDataStorage. If you still experience performance issues, please submit a ticket with a sample project that illustrates the issue.

10 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)


You can use our LookUpEdit/GridLookUpEdit which support the Combobox mode:

Combobox Mode - Allow Entering New Values

Is this what you are looking for?

10 January, 2019
CADS Development

+1 for full SVG support.  We don't want to teach our designers how to use the skin editor, we want them to use software they are already comfortable with to make SVGs for us.  

"I would live with a converter tool that validates an SVG and converts it for compatibility, if that were available." Sounds good.

10 January, 2019
Eric Zimmerman_

PLEASE treat DateTimeOffset as a first class citizen like DateTime. it is a pain to have to convert everything to DateTime to get filtering in column headers to work properly

10 January, 2019
Eduardo Quintana


All the proposed improvements are very welcomed.

Nevertheless, I would like to suggest some others, if I may.

* I would like to see less chrome in certain controls, such as the GridView, to allow for a clearer user interface with less real state dedicated to non-functional details and more area used for real data.

* Also, it would be super to have real time, or near real time, updating in the Dashboard functionality. I had to develop my own dashboard for all my clients require near real time data updating.

* The TabbedForm could be made easier to use, and some more complete illustrative examples could be added to its documentation.

* The label control (and others too) could have the option to be 'locked' to other controls, such as a combobox, ou a textedit control. This way, one could move one control and the other would move in tandem. I had this facility in some very old competing control suite I used to employ more than a decade ago. The use of XtraLayout would be a overkill, I just want a label that sticks to another control.

* A very old and recurring one: please allow me to avoid installation of all the default localization DLLs in my projects (namely: de, es, ja, and ru). In every project I have to add post compilation processing to remove these libraries from my compiled dir. It is an long lasting nuisance.

* Now a very far fetched one: I would like to have some helper functions that helped me to call calculation routines written in C++ from within a DevExpress control. I have some very complex calculations that are performed for each row in a gridview that would be a snap if performed in C++.


10 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)

@Guido Geurts

You can easily change the default selection behavior by disabling the AutoSelectAllInEditor option.

As for the other described issues, I see that you have already reported corresponding tickets in our Support Center and my colleagues provided you with solutions. For example, I see that the issue with column removing is already fixed.

If you still have some unresolved issue, please reactivate a corresponding ticket or submit a new one. We will do our best to help you.

11 January, 2019
Jerzy Rozmyslowicz

What are you planning in aspect of improving your sets to work properly on 4K monitors with various DPI settings?

13 January, 2019
Dmitry Babich (DevExpress)

In the latest releases, we invested a lot of resources to fully support High DPI environments and 4K monitors: High DPI Support. We also enhanced our DirectX engine to provide the best performance possible on large screens.

Currently, we have some known High DPI issues, which we plan to fix. If you have some unresolved issue or a suggestion regarding the High DPI support, please let us know about that in our Support Center.

14 January, 2019
Greg Wilson_3

I would like you to extend the map component to include the following features.

1. Rubberbanding (line, circle and rectangle that returns the appropriate lat/lon)

2. Draw range rings.  User supplies center point, and mileage bands with colors.

3. Calculate the convex hull given a set of lat/lon

4. Calculate the center point given a set of lat/lons

5. Zoom map to show all points in the map.

6. Draw a route/line made up of several points and be able to move a point in the route using rubberbanding.

7. Draw points as a heat map.   If any points overlap, increase width by x pixels based on a user provided step.  (every x points that overlap make bigger by y pixels)

I've had to implement several of these items myself but it would be nice if it was included in the package.

14 January, 2019
Dennis (DevExpress Support)

@Nicolas Zaragoza: Search and navigation is already supported in the ORM Data Model Designer. Please refer to the "Q: My data model is huge and it is difficult to navigate to required classes using the visual diagram. Can I search and navigate by class name?" item at

15 January, 2019
James Callahan

I've seen it mentioned in the support KB, but I would like to add a vote for a Stroke Style for the Map control (MapPolygon, MapLine). Also, more fine grain zoom level control.

25 January, 2019
Mohammad Mehrnia

Please Improve RTL in Chart and Grid,

Chart Title not support RTL

12 February, 2019
Alex (DevExpress Support)


Please take a moment to submit a ticket in our Support Center ( and describe the Chart Title issue in greater detail. We will check for a suitable solution.

13 February, 2019
Chuck Bass

I have a constant need calculate things like  yield or utilization which ends up being a weighted average that is created after filtering in a grid and displayed in a chart.  Almost everything a production manager ends up wanting to know ends up looking like a weighted average.   I can work around it by doing this work in the database and creating some of this information...however the true power of the grid control is to do all of the filtering and calculation after the database has populated the grid...e.g. allow for exploration.

If the grid had a non-write-your-own-footer-summary-code  way to get at weighted averages a great deal of power would be evident.  Something like a weighted-avg option on the Summary Menu (where average/min/max/count live) where all of the numeric fields on the grid were sub-menu-selectable as the weight.

On the chart control in the graphic designer where you drag arguments, values and series if there was a "weight" drop-zone next to arguments drop-zone doing weight averages could be graphical instead (and post filtered data).

BTW, love the histograms!!!

22 February, 2019

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