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XAF - New Community Modules, Videos, Articles and Welcoming a New DevExpress MVP
XAF - New Community Modules, Unit Testing Best Practices, Official Documentation Updates
XAF - New community modules, blogs with tips & tricks, documentation updates
XAF - Free Extra Modules from Llamachant
XAF Mobile: Localization and Custom Control Support (v17.2)
Case-studies from ISDK LTD: building Point of Sales Terminal Network and CRM apps with XAF Web UI
XAF: A preview of the HTML5/JS Report Document Viewer integration in Web UI (Shipping in v15.1.5)
XAF Solution Wizard for easier getting started (Coming soon in v14.1)
Best practices of creating reusable XAF modules by example of a View Variants module extension
XAF – Core & Performance Improvements (coming in v2011 vol1)
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