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DevExpress ASP.NET, MVC, Bootstrap, & Core Editors - Performance Improvements & Custom Filtering (v18.1)
ASP.NET & MVC - Scheduler Enhancements (v18.1)
ASP.NET & MVC - Grid Performance Enhancements (v18.1)
ASP.NET & MVC - Rich Editor Control Enhancements (v18.1)
DevExtreme DataGrid and TreeList – Performance Improvements (v18.1)
DevExtreme Scheduler - Grouping Improvements and New Context Menu API (v18.1)
DevExtreme Charts - New "Material" Palette, Bar Width API, and Other Improvements (v18.1)
Web Dashboard - ASP.NET Core 2 (v18.1)
DevExtreme MVC - New Web API and Razor View Scaffolding Wizard (v18.1)
DevExpress ASP.NET Spreadsheet, RichEdit - Scalability - Amazon Web Services & Azure (v18.1)
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