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XPO - Automate Database Schema Migrations using the ORM Data Model Designer or APIs
eXpress Persistent Objects - Early Access Preview (v20.1)
XPO - VistaDB 6, PostgreSQL 12 Support & More (v19.2)
XPO - MySQL 8.0, PostgreSQL 11, IMB DB2 for .NET Core Support and More (v18.2)
XAF – A Simpler Way to Check Database Compatibility (Coming soon in v15.2)
XAF: Enhancements to App UI Management Settings in the Database (Shipping in v15.1)
XAF: Brand New Module & Features for both Windows and the Web (Coming soon in v14.2)
Reporting with the LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework Webinar (with Frans Bouma, March 8th 10AM PST)
Building Reports, a Video Series (with Julie Lerman)
It’s all about data
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