ASP.NET Team (DevExpress)

ASP.NET - Grid And Card View - Edit Form Layout Runtime Customization - v19.2 (Now Available)
ASP.NET WebForms for Bootstrap - GridView Enhancements (v19.1)
ASP.NET WebForms and MVC GridView - Enhancements (v19.1)
ASP.NET 2019 Roadmap - Data Grid and More – Your Vote Counts
ASP.NET - New Responsive Project Template (v18.2)
ASP.NET and MVC Editors - Floating Action Button (v18.2)
ASP.NET and MVC GridView - Improved adaptivity in Fixed Table Layout (v18.2)
ASP.NET & MVC - Grid Performance Enhancements (v18.1)
ASP.NET Bootstrap - GridView Enhancements (v18.1)
Access v18.1 of DevExpress ASP.NET Web Controls Today - v18.1 CTP Available
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