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  • A few more reasons to upgrade to v13.2

    13.2 was a great release and many of you already upgraded your applications. For everyone else I am here to help you make that decision sooner and easier, by reminding you what our reviewers had to say, when they upgraded their apps to our latest major release.

    These are real world feedback without any kind of interaction from us.

    Gustavo Marzioni
    Making Business Applications Easier

    Gustavo is a veteran programmer (20 years+) with a great presence in our community (most active user in eXpandFramework). He posted a very complete review of all new XAF features and a few other interesting things we released with 13.2 as part of our DXperience subscription. In addition you can find a performance comparison for our new ReportsV2 module.

    Mario Blataric
    Dungeons of XAF and Magic 13.2

    Mario reviews v13.2 and explains how XAF helps him to fight monsters in today’s modern dungeon of dev technologies and platforms. His XAF app has more than 1500 reports so he focuses on the ReportsV2 module.

    Martynas Dauciunas
    Devexpress 13.2 Review - why bother upgrading ? 

    Martynas known from his very useful Excel Import Wizard module wrote an extensive review of all new features and problems encountered when he updated his 12.x ERP/CMMS application to v13.2.

    Manuel Grundner

    DevExpress 13.2 Review Part 1
    DevExpress 13.2 Review Part 2
    DevExpress 13.2 Review Part 3

    Manuel has already contributed many solutions. This time he wrote a great review for all new XAF features. He also reviewed components not integrated with XAF like the new TaskBarAssistant and as a bonus in part 3 he wrote how to create a module that integrated this component with XAF. This module will soon be integrated into our community project eXpandFramework.

    Robert Anderson
    DevExpress 13.2 Review - Part 1
    DevExpress 13.2 Review - Part 2

    Robert is a casual blogger and community contributor. He wrote about all new 13.2 features along with a few more tricks and thoughts which cannot be found in our official posts.

    Until next time,

    Happy New Year to all!


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