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  • Video: How to use LINQ with ASP.NET GridView

    Check out this in-depth LINQ integration with ASPxGridView video . This video updates an older LINQ video and is probably the best LINQ video evar! Because of your comments (and questions) in the blogs, forums and TV site, the video is now packed with technical goodness. It’s broken down in 3 major levels...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 6/24/2009
    Filed under: screencast, Video, LINQ, How-To, Tutorial, ASP.NET, ASP.NET GridView, ASPxGridView
  • Virtual Scrolling In ASP.NET GridView

    Virtual scrolling was just released for the DevExpress ASP.NET controls and it's a great way to browse grid data without using page buttons. By default, ASPxGridView will display the pager control for browsing grid data. The pager control is the set of buttons and links that let the user jump to...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 5/18/2009
    Filed under: screencast, Video, LINQ, ASPxGridView, v2009.1
  • ASP.NET Video Tutorial: How To Edit LINQ To SQL using LinqServerModeDataSource

    Check out this 4 minute video on a very useful feature in the 2008 vol 2 release. The video/screencast shows you how to enable editing using the LinqServerModeDataSource component. Check out this video To get a good overview of the LINQ Server Mode support. The Server Mode feature is one of the most...
    Posted to Mehul Harry's DevExpress Blog (Weblog) by Mehul Harry (DevExpress) on 7/10/2008
    Filed under: screencast, VS2008, Video, LINQ, ASP.NET, ASPxGridView
  • Editing with LinqServerModeDataSource

    We've had some feedback about our LinqServerModeDataSource not supporting editing out of the box. (Suggestion S19363 talks about this rather tersely, mainly since it's constructed as a memo to ourselves.) Since there's been a few, er, discussions related to data sources on this blog recently...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 5/27/2008
    Filed under: ASPxGridView, LINQ
  • Paging is good. But throughout the stack, please.

    Sometimes I'm amazed about people's perception of how a web application works, especially when used with advanced controls like our ASPxGridView. Let's, if you will, imagine a standard web application with a grid that displays data from some table or view in the database. By default, it's...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 5/22/2008
    Filed under: XPO, ASPxGridView, LINQ
  • "Paging grid team, paging grid team..."

    Late last week, after listening to and reading the feedback we'd been getting from our customers, the main architects of the ASPxGridView, Mike and Andrew, added support for the default LINQ paging parameters to the grid. After some further testing over the weekend, they've now merged their changes...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 5/19/2008
    Filed under: ASP.NET, ASPxGridView, LINQ
  • Server mode using LINQ? Let's wax rhapsodic.

    In all the excitement of releasing both DXperience v2008 vol1 and our VCL Subscription build 34 on the same day a week or so ago, you may have missed this rather stunning bit of news, so I thought I'd bring it to your attention again. SD Times also phoned me up to get the inside angle , so it must...
    Posted to ctodx (Weblog) by Julian Bucknall (DevExpress) on 4/1/2008
    Filed under: XtraGrid, ASPxGridView, v2008.1, LINQ

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